2016 in review: July, August, September


Sunset on July 4, 2016

We celebrated the Fourth of July with my sister and her family, as has become tradition.

I took the month of August off from blogging.

I reflected on the summer that was.  Spoiler: it ended with a big accident.

Matt and I marked our 16th anniversary.  It was a bit heavy on the in sickness part, but it was fine!

I celebrated 10 years of blogging.  It feels like I just started this blog, but I also can’t imagine my life without it.

This whole fall was a lesson in the power of showing up.  A lot of people in my life did, and I won’t forget it.

My favorite quote that I shared:

Melancholy isn’t always a disorder that needs to be cured.  It can be a species of intelligent grief which arises when we come face-to-face with the certainty that disappointment is written into the script from the start.

– Alain de Botton, The Course of Love