2016 in review: April, May, June


Mother’s Day, May 2016

I wrote about one of my central struggles, as I parent children in the tween and teen years: walking the line between honoring their feelings and dismissing their concerns.

Yet again, a topic I keep returning to: the Myers-Briggs, and my own type (INFJ).

I read and wrote about Catastrophic Happiness, Georgia, and my favorite books at the halfway point of the year.

A love letter to anyone who’s reading: Thank you.

Matt celebrated a birthday.

I marked my 20th college reunion.

Grace and Whit finished up seventh and fifth grade, respectively.  Farewell. Alleluia.

My favorite quote that I shared:

“We don’t need great writing to tell us that obviously amazing things are amazing, just as we don’t need high-powered telescopes to tell us that the sun is warm. What we need from great writing, most urgently, is an understanding that the mundane itself—snails, fireplaces, shrubs, pebbles, socks, minor witticisms—is secretly amazing.”

– Annie Dillard