Some September moments

Over Labor Day Matt and I attended the wedding of one of my college roommates.  Oh, my, but it was fun.  The bridesmaids surprised the bride with a flash mob dance to Dynamite.  I’ve never seen her speechless before, but she was.  I love the blur of the photo above, which captures the palpable love and sheer joy of those minutes.

And then it was back to school, and mornings were all about drop-off again.  Whit never fails to make me laugh.  Every single day, he does.  Thank God.

One morning the moon hung in the sky even when the sun had come out.  I stopped to admire, and photograph, the gorgeous, saturated blue (I think that’s my favorite color) punctuated with a hazy moon.  Breathing a benediction.  Saying a prayer for the sky.  Thank you.

On September 9th I took Whit for a special outing after school.  We went to a farm about half an hour away for a hayride and bonfire.  It was an astonishingly gorgeous afternoon and we had so much fun: admiring nascent pumpkins, making smores, learning about a barn owl, and hiking to the top of a hill at whose summit was this perfect boulder.

The ensemble Grace put together for lunch the two of us one Sunday.  She’s not afraid to mix patterns, this one.  That’s very right now, isn’t it?

One Wednesday afternoon the kids and I were walking home from school when I noticed this leaf on the ground.  “Oh, look!” I crouched down.  “A heart!”  I took out my phone to take a picture and Grace exclaimed “Wait!  The heart is here!”  She had noticed the piece of cement (below) just a few inches away, and thought that was what I planned to photograph.  I showed her the leaf, she showed me the heart.  I took pictures of them both.  Messages from the universeLove is all around.

4 thoughts on “Some September moments”

  1. beautiful…the dance, the patterns, the dates, the hearts, the sky. I love your reflection posts idea…capturing the simple ordinary magic of the summer/month. delicious. xo

  2. Grace and Abby. Heart finders. Love it. (And the first photo is so fun–it sort of encompasses what adult evenings looked like they felt like when I was little. Did that make sense?)

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