Messages from the universe

I often find words – lyrics, snatches of poems, quotes – rising to my thoughts, unbidden.  There’s also an external component – songs that come on the radio seemingly all the time, a book I keep reading about, etc.  In both cases, I think that these messages are real, from our subconcious or the universe or both.  I believe they are not at all a coincidence.

In the last several weeks, I’ve encountered Naomi Shihab Nye’s beautiful poem, Kindness over and over again.  I read it in Oprah’s magazine and wrote about it, I saw it somewhere else, it appeared today in my Google Reader.  The twinning of kindness and sadness, and the assertion that the latter is critical to fully appreciate and comprehend the former, very much resonates with me.

This past summer, every single time I turned on the radio it seemed like the Beatles were singing Let It Be.  Okay, I murmured to myself, okay, I hear it: I will try to let go.  I will try to trust.  Last summer – radiant, full of joy and wonder – was a time of major transition for me, and I definitely needed every reminder to let it be.

When I was pregnant with Grace, a pregnancy which surprised me and which began the unravelling and change that brought me here, I found pennies on the ground all the time.  Literally, probably six out of seven days a week.  For weeks and weeks.  I picked them all up – of course, to get the luck – and I wish I’d collected them.  For a while, in fact, my dear friend Courtney referred to Grace as my “lucky penny baby.”

And right now, everywhere I turn, I see hearts.  I see them in the pavement, in leaves, on signs.  I’ve photographed some but not all of the hearts that have stopped me in my tracks recently.  What’s interesting is that some of these are not newly in my path.  For example, the heart traced into the pavement is right outside the post office I’ve been going to for years.  And obviously it is not new, since it was drawn in the wet concrete.  And yet it’s only now that I’m noticing it.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe so.  What are these hearts telling me?  Be aware of my heart, be careful of my heart, surrender when it swells to the point of discomfort?  Love is all around.

What message is the universe sending you these days?

18 thoughts on “Messages from the universe”

  1. open to receive all the radiant love rushing towards you…

    and yes, i too make meaning from all of the mysterious symbols and signs from the universe. xo

  2. <3 this. (get it?)

    And LOVE "Let It Be." Absolutely my favorite Beatles song. When it comes on, I too always think, "It's a message. Slow down, let go," etc. etc.

  3. I believe in messages from the universe and some things are not just coincidence. On a slightly lighter note, when I was pregnant with our fist child, a boy, we were struggling with names. Nothing, absolutely nothing, resonated with us. One day while standing at the refrigerator, my husband and I saw the six pack on a shelf – Sam Adams – and that is why my first son’s name is Samuel. No lie.

  4. So interesting how things like this happen–how we seem to encounter the same songs, messages, and symbols over and over, maybe when we most need to find them. I’ve had this happen with people too, when I keep running into the same folks online or in person. Maybe I have something to learn from them. And I agree that it’s more than a coincidence, too.

  5. The universe it talking to me all the time, usually she’s whispering, sometimes she’s shouting…and lately what I keep hearing is “connect”.

    I’m so grateful for my soul-family. So happy to have all of you in my life. Even more delighted when I get to see your connections grow, too.

    And I sometimes have seen hearts in unlikely places, too (although usually it’s faces that I see) Here’s one:

    Hugs and butterflies,

  6. I keep relearning that the signs are there for me all the time, sometimes I’m awake and see them, and sometimes I’m just blind to them and miss them. When I reawaken to find that they were there all along, I am so grateful. Call me a crazy bird lady, but little birds landing near me, looking at me for a few seconds, then flying off, always seems auspicious to me. Little fragile gods.

  7. Sometimes I think the world is completely alive and pulsing like a living synchronistic poem… perhaps it’s our increasing open-heartedness and softness that allows us to notice the language of life and love and unity reaching up toward us all the non-time.

  8. As I commented on your “Monday Morning” post from April 11th, I was struck by the fact that it landed in my inbox today — 12 days after it was originally posted.

    The message I took from it is that I need to read Edgarian’s and Munson’s books, and perhaps get a book wreath (we already have bookshelves in almost every room in our house).

    Then I went to the blog of my friend, Tammy Vitale, and saw that today she posted the Kindness poem by Naomi Shihab Nye. I think the Universe must want you two to meet. (I’ll make the introduction on Facebook.)

    That’s the best I can do for now. I think I will be trying to wrap my brain around these messages for a while.

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  10. > I found pennies on the ground all the time. Literally, probably six out of
    > seven days a week. For weeks and weeks. I picked them all up – of course,
    > to get the luck – and I wish I’d collected them.

    I’ve been finding pennies — nickels, dimes, quarters, and once a $5 bill — all around the streets of my town, and wherever we travel, ever since Katharyn came into my life. I’ve kept them all; they now fill a considerable jar and weigh probably a pound and a half. I read this as the universe’s way of saying “You are exactly where you meant to be.”

  11. Speaking of hearts……!

    . . ✫ .♥•*¨*••♥ .☽☀*•*♥*•*♥••*¨*•*
    ☀★*••♥¸¸.☆.¸♥••*.¸ . ✶**•*♥*•*¨¨*. ¸ .✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨

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