The first day of school 2011

On our way to school on a very gloomy rainy morning.  Had to wake both of these guys up from a sound slumber!  (not so myself: the newest incarnation of my life-long friend, insomnia, is that I wake up at 4am and can’t go back to sleep.  yesterday this found me running in the pitch black and pouring rain at 5am).

Whit in his seat at the Red Group table in 1S.

Grace at her desk in 3P.

How is this possible, when these days were five minutes ago?

September 2004, Grace’s first day at nursery school

September 2007, Whit’s first day at nursery school

9 thoughts on “The first day of school 2011”

  1. Yes, they are. And I don’t know where ot goes.

    If I were not worried about sending you into a tizzy, I’d tell you that yesterday was the last First Day of School for my daughter at home. Senior Year.



  2. I have a friend who has been taking the “first day of school” picture in front of their fire place since school began. 2 years ago big brother left to go to college so little sister put her arm around the empty air where he belonged in front of the fire place and they snapped the photo.

    I love the idea of having years and years of the same-day photo with growing and changing faces. It feels like family to me. Your family is lovely.

  3. I swear I cry everytime I read this blog, and this post is no exception. I don’t know your kids, but they are gorgeous creatures. I just sent my 2 year old off to “school” 2 days a week and was so unprepared for my tangle of emotions. Because I read this blog, I was able to identify what was going on- the emotional tug of war between joy at their growing into fascinating little people and the raw sorrow of feeling it pass by too quickly. I took my own first day of school pic and I already feel a tug when I look at it, as if it’s already far in the past.

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