Eleven years

Eleven years ago, we were married.

In a thunderstorm so loud we had to pause during the vows.

Accompanied by two readings: an excerpt from The Book of Qualities and Cavafy’s Ithaka.

By a minister from East Greenwich, RI, who was dear to my maternal grandparents, especially my grandmother who had recently died.

In the presence of three siblings, four parents, four grandparents, and most of our very best friends.

I wore my mother’s veil, my deceased grandmother’s wedding ring (my only grandparent not in physical attendance, though I swear she sent the thunder), a ponytail, and pieces of blue ribbon that my closest friends had written messages on sewn around the hem of my dress.

And we embarked on a ride which has been nothing like we expected, but full nonetheless of startling joys.  As the minister said, during the wedding, Kilimanjaro is nothing compared to this.  And it isn’t.  But the views are better here, too.

27 thoughts on “Eleven years”

  1. Happy Anniversary Lindsey! This is a wonderful reminder to all those who fret bad weather on their special day that it truly doesnt matter.

  2. Great photo, great closing line. I wore some special things, too. My best friends put together my “something old, something new…” I wore pins in my hair and a bracelet on my wrist from one friend’s wedding, which was unexpected and special. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! I remember your wedding, and that storm, so well. I also remember sitting in the airport stuck somewhere between Philly and San Fran when you told me of your engagement. It’s amazing how the time passes, and how much happens in that span of time. Miss you and thinking of you and Matt today. xo

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both—I came to Cavafy through Durrell and “The Alexandria Quartet,” very haunting. Here’s to wishing you all the best and that your journey proves all that Cavafy’s journey to “Ithaka” promises.

  5. Lovely – happy anniversary. I love that you had pieces of blue ribbon with messages written on them. That is such an interesting and lovely idea.

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