August break

I’m hopping on Susanna Conway‘s delightful August Break bandwagon … for the month of August I’m going to post a picture a day, and take it easy on the words.  If moved, I’ll write words, and may well share quotes, but I need this break and am sure you can relate!  Please join us – click over here, learn more and add your name.

Have a wonderful August.  I’m definitely nervous that nobody will come back here in the fall, but I hope you will return on September 1st.  I will have had my birthday and hopefully I’ll be through this period of intense rain.  I’ll have been to Legoland and to Lake Champlain and be in the midst of preparing my new 1st and 3rd graders for school.

See you soon, I hope!

12 thoughts on “August break”

  1. happy birthday, leo sister. and happy sacred pause. we will all, of course, be waiting for you when you return. love and more love to you. xo

  2. Brilliant. In the old days all the shrinks took August off (I just take part of it off).

    Here’s to a great Leonine birthday, to dog days well spent and to a fall that will find all all reinvigorated and more solidly connected than ever.


  3. I was thinking about doing something like this but lost my nerve. You can rest assured I will be back! Look forward to learning how this process works for you (I suspect you’ll feel recharged and refreshed for it!)

  4. Lindsey, we share the same birthday!

    Enjoy your break. 🙂 Your pictures have been lovely thus far. I’ll definitely still be around come September (except I’ll be having a baby, so it’ll be time for me break).

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