Flickering Faith

It is my distinct privilege to be guest posting at Motherese today. I am so glad to have found Kristen and as I said when I featured her words here last Thursday, she writes beautifully about questions of identity, politics, parenting, and living in this world. Her posts are shot through with personal reflection and every single day she makes me think. (quoting myself: perhaps a new low?)

My essay at Motherese today is called Flickering Faith, and is a meditation on what faith means to me. Please go read my words, and then click around and enjoy Kristen’s thoughtful, lucid writing. Kristen, thank you for having me: it is a true honor.

4 thoughts on “Flickering Faith”

  1. I just read your post at Motherese and followed the link to your blog. What a remarkable essay on faith! I posted a comment on Motherese, so I won’t repeat that here, but thank you. You have a remarkable voice and astounding clarity into this messy, murky issue.

    I look forward reading your blog!

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