More things I love lately

I’m breaking with my three-day-a-week schedule to share a few things that I’ve loving lately.  I haven’t written one of these posts all summer, and I really enjoy them.  My previous reflections on what’s on my bedside table and my mind are here.

Literary & Legal: My old (by which I mean longtime, not elderly!) friend Kathryn Beaumont has started a fascinating blog.  She is a journalist, a lawyer, and a literary agent, and her blog showcases her broad intelligence and her curiosity, as well as her writing chops.  She features insights about the publishing and agenting world, interviews with interesting writers and agents and players in the space, and thoughts about her own writing and reading.  It’s quickly become a must-read for me.

Mindfulness: I have been fortunate to experience Karen Maezen Miller’s powerful work both in person and on the page.  In early September she published two back-to-back posts that I loved: 8 ways to raise a mindful child and 10 tips for a mindful home.  The posts made me gasp with their simple truth, and helped confirm that sometimes my most essential instincts are the truest ones.

Divergent: I. am. obsessed.  I read this book this weekend and can’t wait for the others.  It reminds me of The Hunger Games, of course, in that it’s both compellingly page-turning reading and a very thought-provoking premise.  Also in the strong female protagonist. I have been listening to the short guided meditations on the calm app on my iphone before bed.  They haven’t totally cracked my insomnia yet, but I do like them a lot.  Highly recommend.

What are you reading, listening to, and thinking about lately?  I’d love to know.

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  1. I love Divergent. The author is from our town. I read it and Insurgent with my daughter and the last time we went into the city, she asked where the Dauntless compound is.

  2. I think Divergent is somewhere in the Hunger Games vicinity in terms of themes and violence. Not sure if Mason has read them (G has not) but if so then he might well!

  3. Oh! I’ll have to check out Kathryn’s blog–thank you! Always love checking out fellow attorney-writer’s thoughts. I just started David Levithan’s Every Day. Though I’m not that far in yet, I am enjoying his style and prose, but more so the premise of the book which is about a person who wakes up each day living in the body of a different person and is essentially forced to always “live in the moment”. I didn’t realize when I picked it up that it’s actually more of a YA book (thus not something I’d likely read), but it totally works as an (ahem) “advanced” adult read too. Love KMM too — read Hand Wash Cold over the summer. Brilliant as always.

  4. We are full-on Divergent/Insurgent obsessed around here. Avery has declared it Her Favorite Series, even surpassing Harry Potter (I disagree, but that’s ok). Anxiously awaiting the final book coming out next month!

  5. I’m excited to try that app! My therapist suggested trying out a few different guided meditation apps and so far I’ve tried Guided Mind which I like. I’m eager to try others so thank you for the recommendation! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for turning me on the Kathryn’s blog. I miss the last one.

    I also loved Karen Maezen Miller’s posts on mindfulness. They were so wise and simple. AND thank you for the calm app. I have been taking melatonin for months but it doesn’t always help – what is worse than insomnia???

    I SO missed these posts – love that August break is done and you are back!!

    Also congratulations on 13 years!!! Wow. I just read that one and it is so beautiful.

  7. Oh goodness! I haven’t read Divergent yet! I am feeling like I must go out and get it right now! Although I am half way through a recent middle grade/young adult book called Counting by 7’s that is really good- might not be able to put it down right now 🙂

  8. I keep hearing about Divergent, and I need to read it. I am now making a concerted effort to read and put down my laptop more often. It’s harder than I wish it would be.

  9. I just finished the book “Margot”. It’s historical fiction, a what if Anne Frank’s sister, Margot, survived and moved to the US. It was ok….Not amazing, but a good read.

    I need to get to Divergent. I believe the movie is coming out soon.

    Love that you posted! You always have something wise to share….

  10. I just finished Nina Revoyr’s Wingshooters. It’s about difficult, important topics and is beautifully written. I highly recommend it.

  11. I just love these posts of yours. I can’t wait to check out I didn’t know that you struggled with sleep- we should get together sometime and compare notes!

  12. So glad to know about Kathryn’s blog! I met you both at the same time in Boston a few years ago. I remember it so well! Going to check out her blog NOW.

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