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Whit was on fire this summer.  He keeps making me laugh harder.  I kept a list of some of his comments, which reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place: to record the everyday details of my life that I knew would slip through my fingers, no matter how hard I tried to pay attention.

So, again, here I go, trying to press the details of my blond, blue-eyed son into amber.  I want to capture him at 8.5, when he still sleeps with Beloved, his worn-out monkey in his arms, wears a pair of pink goggles (his favorite) without hesitation, skates confidently across the ice, builds Legos in the bathtub, and reads books about the periodic table for fun.

In early July, he had a tummy bug for a couple of days.  He spent the days lying on the couch dozing and watching TV while I worked.  On day two I finally took him to the grocery store and asked him to pick out anything he wanted, because I was so desperate for him to eat something.  He chose Gatorade and Phish Food.  After the first time he threw up, he curled up on the chair in my room.  We weren’t sure yet if he had a bug or if the nausea would pass.  “How do you feel?” I asked him.

“I feel better now,” he told me.  “You know, like how there was great weather after the hurricane last year?”


As we packed for Lake Champlain, I suggested Matt pack some Diet Coke and white wine for me.  “But it’s room temp, Linds,” he said back.

“Isn’t there a fridge?” I asked him.

“Yes, there’s a beer fridge in the cabin,” said Whit confidently.  How does he know what a beer fridge is?


During one of our long drives, these were three separate comments that came from the backseat:

“Did you know that the graves in New Orleans are above ground?:

“If you had to vote on the national bird of the US, would you pick an eagle or a turkey?”

“No, the fact that it goes from day to night is the earth spinning on its axis.  The fact that we have seasons is because the earth spins around the sun.”


On our last night in Vermont, we had dinner as a foursome in the main dining room.  This includes a jacket and tie for the men, and has become a favorite tradition of our time on Lake Champlain.  Everybody was relaxed and happy.  At one point our conversation turned to Grace’s preference for listening and Whit’s for talking.

“You never stop talking, Whit,” I said.  “Sometimes it might be nice for you to just be quiet for a little while.”

“But at the same time, everywhere we go, everybody knows Whit.  After four days at camp here everybody says hi to him, waves, laughs with him.” Grace offered as she spread butter on her bread.

“That’s my strategy!” Whit laughed from his corner of the table.


Like all humor that I find funny, Whit’s contains a grain of wisdom.  I hope he never stops making me laugh.

20 thoughts on “More Whitticisms”

  1. I loved reading this, Lindsey. Seeing your sweet boy on Instagram, I can’t help but see a similar look to my blonde-blue-eyed second-born (who’s only 3). Now I know they also share the never-stop-talking quality too – and I get a glimpse of how that quality looks at 8.5. Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

  2. What an amazing little guy! And I love that Grace and Whit are so different- that you get both the quiet and chatty wisdom. Thanks for giving me a giggle this morning!

  3. Yes – they are so, so different. It’s extraordinary and reminds me of what I’ve always believed, that parenting is mostly about nature and staying out of the way! xox

  4. I don’t think he will. I suspect that one day, miles and miles from you he’ll say to his love, “I’ll never forget the sound of my mom’s laugh. I was at my happiest when I drew that from her.”

  5. My three grown sons still make me laugh… two of them were home over Labor Day and my face still smarts from all the laughter! I’m so grateful that I kept a journal when they were little of the funny things they said, and yes, most of them contain wonderful grains of wisdom.

  6. I never did come up with a good system for collecting my kids’ (especially Eric’s) memorable observations. But I do have the funniest collection of additions my guys made to the shopping lists that get written up on our fridge over the years. And I love finding things I saved and socked away in odd drawers, funny drawings and commentaries. They always make my day in the most unexpected way.


  7. I love this. To me it is a glimpse into my future. This morning my four-year old used the word straightaway in a sentence.

  8. You have an awesome kid. Mine also never stops talking and once corrected me as to the fact that we actually go around the sun, and not the other way around. (In my defense, he was 3 and I was just trying to give a simple answer). I love this glimpse into 8. I hope mine is as full of life as yours. xoxo

  9. I can imagine I will stumble upon little shards of his personality for many, many years. May I have the close relationship I witness between you and your sons when he’s in college! xoxo

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