Summer’s end


For the last few years we’ve marked the end of the summer with a weekday trip to the beach.  I take the day off and we head out early to be at the beach before the crowds.  For some reason it’s always a very special day for us and this week was no different.  We were the only people on the beach when we got there.  It was low tide and going out and Grace and Whit danced in the shallows (as you can see I caught Grace mid-twirl) for a long time before swimming out further.  We walked on the exposed sand bars, dug in the wet sand, and played the alphabet game during our picnic lunch.  It was magic.  And now: onward to fall.

7 thoughts on “Summer’s end”

  1. I love the rituals you create For your family. Those are the things that stay with you forever. Hope to do the same with my own children.

  2. Must ask… What’s the alphabet game?

    The Labor Day weekend is one of the many time I’m filled with gratitude that I live in Southern California and can deny the decline of summer for a little longer – til the night arrives before I leave work and the rains come.

    Enjoy the on-coming colors of autumn. xo

  3. “Alice is married to Andrew (or Amelia), they live in Alaska, and their favorite food is apples.” Go around the circle, and the alphabet!! xox

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