A family celebration


Some photographs from my birthday, which we celebrated a home a day late (becuase that’s the day I picked Grace up at camp).  Whit gave me a card that said “have fun being 39” and a used paper Johnny Rockets hat.  Grace put these words, which she said described me, into a silver bowl.  Matt organized a delicious meal and got an ice cream cake (my favorite).  Perfect.

This is another picture(s) that was originally on Instagram.  Apologies for the reposting, but I like it.  Are you on Instagram?  Let me know if so!

3 thoughts on “A family celebration”

  1. It seems that you have done a superb job modeling love and creativity, and your delightful children have absorbed and reflected your wonderful ways.

    Belated, Happy 39th, and many, many more.

    I can’t resist stating that I’m guessing it was chocolate ice-cream cake, at least from the looks of the frosting. It looks scrumptious.

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