I have a dream


Martin Luther King delivered his I Have a Dream speech 50 years ago today.

5 months ago Whit stood at the spot where Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech.  This is one of the very few pictures that lives permanently on the board in front of my desk.  I love it.

7 thoughts on “I have a dream”

  1. I love this pic. If you look carefully, the words are inscribed in the granite to the left of where Whit is standing. Grace also took the time on that day to fully read the two speeches inscribed on the memorial. The Gettysburg Address and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address.

  2. Lindsey—This picture is amazing. I have tears streaming down my face. What a strong images.
    As always, thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow! This is a powerful one. I love all your photos but wow. I am very moved today by this 50 year celebration. Moved and awed by how far we still have to go. I love how you captured the next generation right here, on these steps.

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