Happy birthday

This is the 15th birthday of yours have celebrated together.  We were on our way to Africa for six weeks, and then into the slipstream of life as a family.  Every single day of this family life holds both breathtaking treasures and grinding monotony.  As Craig said on our wedding day, of marriage, “Kilimanjaro is nothing compared to this.”  And he was right.

The oxbow turns in the last several months have been sharp, and I know we both feel the weight of time’s passage in a keen way.  This middle of life carries with it a new awareness of the way moments pile up to become years, a new sensitivity to how small things over time carve the contours of our lives.  I’m grateful to have you by my side as time floods by, helping me try to catch as many of its small, shimmering moments as I can.

I hope that 15 birthdays are just the beginning.  Happy, happy, happy birthday.  We love you.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday”

  1. Looks like such a nice guy (I know – don’t even try to figure out what someone is like based on how they appear…but still!!), hope it is a special day! But what really gets me is that look on Whit’s face! Priceless!! Hope the patient is feeling much better and getting lots of well-deserved attention and well wishes for her bravery and pain… Best wishes all around! : )

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