Sugar Doll: Ten things

In December, Kristen of Motherese generously handed me the Sugar Doll Award.  In turn, I passed the award on to Becca at Drama for Mama.  But I was remiss in listing ten things you don’t know about me, as specified by the award. 

I’ve already listed ten things here, and truthfully I find myself unsure if there are other interesting things to mention.  Hell, even when I release myself from the need for the facts to be interesting, I’m hard pressed to mine my very ordinary life for ten surprising things!  But I lack inspiration on this first day back in the rhythm of regular life for anything meatier than randomness, so here I go.

1.  I move fast.  I talk fast.  I write fast.  I make a lot of careless errors.  I’ve never taken the full amount of time to finish a test, ever (sitting for the final hour of a three-hour O Level exam: super stressful) – I left my GMAT 40% of the way through the allotted time (perhaps this was an early hint at how not-very-inspiring I found the content … hmm).  I find typos in this blog all the time, and have never received a school report that didn’t refer to my needing to check my work better.

2. My mother, my daughter, and I all have the same middle name.  It was my mother’s family name, and I hold it dear.

3. I go through phases where I listen to the same song over and over again.  Particularly in the car, which is actually the only time (other than when I run) that I listen to music.  Right now, they are: One (Bono/Mary J Blige version) and Kite (U2).

4. I am utterly, wildly obsessed with Anne Lamott right now (ok fine this is something you ALL know about me)

5. I love throwing things away.  I get really into it, to the point that I threw away our tax returns one year.  Not popular, that mistake.

6. For about three days as a child I wanted to be a Marine.  Then in college I decided I wanted to be on the Supreme Court.  One hitch: I didn’t really want to go to law school.  My father, unflaggingly supportive of any of my crazy-ass schemes, responded to that idea with, “well, Linds, that is going to be a tough road.”

7. I am stationery obsessed.  My mother was devout in her commitment to teach us to write thank you notes, and to this day I write them for everything.  As a child I always had all of my thank yous finished by bedtime on Christmas Day.  My children now write their own (well, Whit scrawls his name on the back of the card that I write).

8. I would much rather be cold than hot.  I hate being too hot.  I am such a wimp I don’t think I can live without a/c ever again.

9. In college I was assigned to the furthest-flung residential college, with a roommate named Lasagna.  We did not have a ton in common.  Sophomore year, my three roommates and I drew the very last room draw and wound up in rooms so small we had to take out all four desks to un-bunk the beds.  Junior year, I was the very last person off of the single room waiting list, and ended up in a converted broom closet (again, no desk.  not even a chair).  Senior year, the three people I drew with and I were at the very top of the entire school’s room draw.  #1.  Amazing karma.

10. I have to have a fan blowing on me while I sleep.  And I can’t sleep with anyone touching me.  Ever.

7 thoughts on “Sugar Doll: Ten things”

  1. A big ditto on number 8 for me.

    Then again, we haven’t seen temperatures above 20 for the last five days here and so I might need to reconsider my general preference for cold.

  2. This is fascinating, surprising, and funny (can’t help it – the tax return thing, and the Marine thing, and even the realization during the GMATs).

    I love that you do everything fast, but I hope you savor certain pleasures… as would the French.

    And speaking of the French, they are also stationery-obsessed, and fine pen-obsessed. Both of which I deem both classic and well-mannered tendencies (no thank you note required for that remark).

    Great list!

  3. I can relate to so many of your “ten things.” For instance, I often make mistakes in speaking and writing as I am thinking too fast and moving too fast to really stop and take the time to edit and establish clarity. Kids, I tell ya. (Although, I have done this since I can remember.)
    And, my husband, loves to throw things away. Including some very expensive pearls I received as a Christmas present from HIS grandpa. I was not very happy.
    As for being cold? I hate being cold. I also hate being hot. I don’t think there is a happy medium.

  4. I am late to post on this… but lady? You and I are like the same person. Really. I could have written 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    I think I love you 🙂

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