Sugar Doll: Drama for Mama

Kristen delighted me the other day when she honored me with the Sugar Doll Award. Kristen has been one of my most favorite discoveries in the blogging community I feel tremendously fortunate to have stumbled upon. I found her – I think! – though a comment on my blog and immediately fell head over heels for her frank, intellectual, incisive take on issues big and small. I love her voice: she pushes my thinking on a daily basis but does so in a warm way, with great empathy and compassion. She is brutally honest, impressively well-read and clearly brilliant, and furthermore she is a dear friend of one of my all-time favorite people (which I did not know when I stumbled upon her blog – oh small world in the massive wilderness of the internet).

I am utterly undeserving of her praise and find myself wondering daily how someone so thoughtful and wise can find any meaning in my rambling writing here. But she says she does, and that goes a long way to propping up my fragile self confidence. Thank you, Kristen! Please, go read Motherese: you won’t be disappointed.

And now it is my honor to pass on the Sugar Doll to another relatively new and absolutely wonderful blog discovery: Drama for Mama. Meet Becca. She writes with vivid detail and a great sense of humor about her life mothering two small children. She writes about her daughter’s obsession with car brands and what that means, about how her son is still a mystery to her while she sees strands of herself and her husband in her daughter, about hthe fear that she may have permanently lost some brain cells along the way somewhere, and about her long-ago restaurant Thanksgiving and what that made her realize about what the holiday means.

I laugh at almost every one of Becca’s posts. What I think is most notable is her ability to describe concrete details of life with small children and to see the enormous life lessons in the everyday. Yes. Amidst the red pepper slices and the visible thongs and the initiation into the American Girl Way there is also conversation about what it means to be really happy and the nature of friendship and belonging. This combination of mundane and meaningful echoes precisely the unruly bunch of thoughts that make up my days, and that is probably why I feel so drawn in and welcomed by Becca’s writing.

To be flanked in this metaphorical way by Kristen and Becca is my privilege indeed. Please go read their words – I promise you will laugh, you might cry, and your world might well shift. All three of those things happened to me from finding them. Thank you both.

Now I will start thinking about my Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me. And you too, Becca! I can’t wait to read them.

2 thoughts on “Sugar Doll: Drama for Mama”

  1. Oh, Lindsey, thank you so much for your kind words. You have done much more than my mug of coffee to fill my snowy morning with warmth.

    And I am thrilled to see that we share a love for Becca's blog. It is a gift to have found such a community of writers here in the blogosphere. I have said before that we are all similar – and I still think that's true – but I so value the very different perspectives I get reading your words and reading Becca's. Different looks at the similar. And both add so much to my own life.

    Thank you, Lindsey. Congratulations, Becca!

  2. I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how honored I am that you gave me this wonderful award! You have definitely started my day out with a smile. There's nothing more fulfilling than writing words that hold so much personal meaning and having others enjoy them along side you. And to receive this award in the company of you and Kristen, two writers that I am truly amazed by, makes it that much more special.

    Thanks Lindsey and I look forward to reading some facts about you and pondering what mine might be!

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