A perfect day. I’m either more ambivalent than most moms or just more honest. I’ll admit it’s pretty heavenly being ALONE all day today. Matt is in India and the children are in Vermont and I’m just myself for the first time in I don’t know how long. Nobody needs me. I can do whatever I want. My perfect day started with waking up at 9am, going for a long run, and then lingering over a latte with the New York Times. I did a little shopping and then came home to make chicken pot pies for Brooke and Lisa.
I got to hold baby Hadley while she slept while dropping off one pot pie in Beacon Hill chez Laughlin. 3 weeks and just plain delicious … I don’t want another one but they’re pretty dreamy to hold onto! And then I got to see Lisa and her four (!) children while dropping off their dinner in Wellesley. Their new house is just perfect and makes me want a brand new construction house of my very own.
Since 5 I’ve been at home, just hanging out by myself! I’ve cleaned out my closet, done two loads of laundry, watched some of Lost season 2, and done a bunch of paperwork. I spoke to Gracie who reported a fantastic day in Vermont picking apples and playing in the fields (see photo).
And now I get to sit on the couch and watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters! Life is pretty good!

Today I got to give that whole I-love-roadtrips concept a whirl. Given the lead paint disaster zone that our house is, we decided it was best to get Gracie and Whit the heck out of dodge. So I drove them to Lebanon, NH to meet Grandpa. That’s 2 hours each way. And, I got 30 minutes north before realizing I had left my bag, wallet, etc at home: an extra hour right there. Delightful. Treo was dead and the minute we hit the road my cell phone beeped that it was out of charge, so I was totally off the grid for a while – kind of refreshing in a way. Then children fell asleep for 30 minutes which allowed me to snag the cigarette lighter from the DVD player to charge my phone a little.
The reports from Vermont are already flooding in: Whit apparently jumped up and down in his crib like “your everyday caged Russell male” before bed, and Gracie took a framed picture of Johann to bed with her.
Matt and I had a very romantic Saturday night. We stopped by the office briefly before having dinner at a restaurant in Terminal E. I then packed Matt off to his flat bed in BA first class before heading home to the aforementioned disaster zone.
Sweet dreams!

“Everyday life is laced with miracles …”

This evening was one of those (fleeting) moments … driving home from family dinner, a huge, full harvest moon hanging low on the horizon, all four of us singing along to You Are My Sunshine in the car. For five minutes, all was right in the world.

And then we tried to put the children down at 33 Lex and we’re still at it. The stars are now out of alignment. But, for those five minutes, it was pretty sweet.

Extra credit question: what’s engraved in Matt’s wedding ring? (and bonus points if you know what the folks at Shreve’s said to me when I asked for that message)

Friday afternoon. (picture is from spring 2002 in Bermuda – random, and wow do I look young) Today I’m camping out at Mum and Dad’s because they are putting new windows in our 3rd floor and scraping the house for re-painting, and there’s lead paint dust everywhere. So, Whit and I had a lovely morning driving around. We had breakfast with Mum & Dad at the Watertown Diner, went to Bloomingdale’s looking for a dress for Gloria’s wedding, and then played with Christina and Will at 17 Devon Road for a while. We had a Hi Rise picnic at Raymond Park with Daddy for lunch. Whit’s now screaming in Hilary’s room at 33 Lex while I sit here and listen. Week has flown by. Intrigued by Providence. Will know more in a few weeks when I go back down there for a whole day. Have had great chats this week with Hadley, Jessica, and Quincy, so that’s a good week in my book! Matt’s off to India tomorrow for a whole week again (well, India-Dallas-New York). He will swoop back into town just in time for our big TPT dinner next Friday night.

So, as promised … a few thoughts on songs and who/what they remind me of:
Maybe I’m Amazed – Matt
No Woman No Cry – QB, midnight drive from Hamptons to Bay Head, spring 1996
One – Allison Engel
Like a Prayer – Leigh Danforth
Killing me Softly – Bouff, Ivy ladies, senior spring
Sister Golden Hair, Man in the Moon – Jesse Johnson
any Shawn Colvin – 402-403 Forbes; Courtney, Kendall, Charlotte
Hips Don’t Lie – Robert Wood, Kiawah April 2006
Leather and Lace – Kennedy Cosgrove

Ahhhh … I could do this all day! The tip of the iceberg. I love road trips mostly because the random song assortment takes me on a wild trip through time. 32 years have been rich in memories, that’s for sure – who knows what lies ahead.
Thought for the day:
“We can choose whom we live with, whose hand we shake, whose cheek we kiss, but we cannot choose who in this wide world, out of the millions, we truly love. Our emotions ride air currents whose sources we cannot name. Love is an infinite feeling in a finite container, and so upsets the intellect, frustrates the will.” – Louise Erdrich, The Blue Jay’s Dance (one of the great books on parenting, to my mind)

And on that note, Whit’s finally quiet….. off to start The Emperor’s Children.


That’s Hair Trigger on the right. Once again, Catherine Newman is writing about my life. Living with Grace right now is like walking in a minefield. Tonight, for example. She decided she needed a band-aid, and when I inadvertently pressed one of the sticky sides to her foot she just lost it – she wanted to do that her own self. Or, the other day, when I blithely buckled Whit into his carseat before she was finished buckling. My God. Who knows what tiny things set her off? Poor girl has the worst of both of us: my incredible OCD tendencies with Matt’s fiery temper. It’s a pretty incendiary combination, and I am not particularly looking forward to adolescence.