These charms are all strung onto a long chain that I wear often around my neck.  There are the shells, which I had before (Grace’s birth announcement and early stationery all had a starfish on it, and Whit’s was identical but it had a sand dollar), an enamel heart that Grace made at camp, a shrinky dink of some binoculars that she made and sent to me “because I love to notice things,” and a charm that my sister gave me with a compass on one side and a Whitman (her middle name and my son’s) quote that reads “Now voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find.

Put up your sails

G&M sail

Matt and Grace sailing on Lake Champlain yesterday.  It was windy enough to sail for the first time all week.  And then, an hour later, thunder and lightning swept in.  I love thunder and lightning and it was powerful to watch the storm roll across the lake.

Beyond mountains


The view from our cabin here on Lake Champlain.  I kept thinking of the Haitian adage from which the title of Paul Farmer’s book Mountains Beyond Mountains is taken:

Beyond mountains there are mountains. 

As I have written before, beyond the questions there are just more questions.

This is very similar to a photo I posted yesterday on instagram.  Are you on instagram?  I’d love to connect with you there!

shadows by the ocean


I had the most joyful birthday I’ve had in a long time.  I went for a long walk on a deserted beach with one of my oldest and truest friends, J.  She is truly a soulmate, and we are both happiest near the ocean; I will never forget our walk.  We then went to the camp where we met, so many summers ago, to surprise our daughters, who are born 12 weeks apart, on their last night at camp.  We watched them both win awards in their unit and then we walked down to the empty bay to watch a spectacular sunset.  It is impossible to convey how full my heart was.  I’m not afraid of 39 – or anything that may lie ahead – with her by my side.