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Seashells: Grace’s birth announcement had a starfish on it, and Whit’s was identical other than being written in blue and featuring a sand dollar. I have starfish and sand dollar stationery for them, and I have starfish and sand dollar charms on a charm bracelet. And now I have them on this necklace, which I can’t stop wearing.

Frances and Bernard: Oh, this book, by Carlene Bauer.  Just so, so marvelous.  I loved it.

Love purely, and take it easy: I can’t stop thinking about this essay by Emily Rapp.  Here, now: this is all there is.  Love purely, and take it easy.  Chaos overtakes all of us.  This weekend I devoured her memoir, The Still Point of the Turning World, and I still can’t take a full breath.  And I can’t stop crying.  And I want to hold my children all day every day.  More thoughts on that luminous, honest, heartbreaking book soon.

Three years ago I went to New York to see Marina Abramovic’s extraordinary piece of performance art, The Artist is Present.  I was hugely moved by what I experienced, and wrote about the tangible holiness that exists in authentic presence.  I had not seen this video before, which I discovered on Anthony Lawlor’s marvelous blog, Dwelling Here Now.  In it, Marina’s former lover and collaborator, whom she hasn’t seen in decades, sits down across from her at the MOMA.  In two short minutes, we witness humanity incarnate.

International Women’s Day: These photographs gave me goosebumps.  Especially, for some reason, #17 and #34.  I read so many appalling and terrifying statistics on Friday.  And I realized that my primary reaction has nothing to do with me.  It’s all about Grace.


Moscow Mules: I am not much of a cocktail drinker.  But at my dear friend’s wedding in January, I discovered the Moscow Mule.  Part of it is surely the fantastic brass mug.  And part of it is surely that I was drinking them in the company of a few of my very, very favorite people.  But: yum.

It seems I’m writing these Things I Love posts approximately monthly.  If you want to see the others, they are here.

What’s on your mind, your screen, and your night table lately?

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  1. I love these posts! For some reason, after the title popped up this morning, the rest took a bit to load and I just smiled while I waited, anxious to see what you are loving! Can’t wait to add the books to my list- I always love your recommendations! Right now I am loving… a delicious chicken salad that they sell at our library cafe, moleskine notebooks (I have finally caught on to the appeal!) and my small silver bracelet that I got for Christmas but have just started wearing.
    Happy Monday!

  2. That chicken salad sounds delicious! I’ve never really gotten the moleskine thing but maybe there is hope for me if you see the light!! xox

  3. I love this post and the accompanying links. That video of the artist was one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen.

    As for me, I’m always obsessed with the moon, the sunset, and my youngest chubby cheeks. They are getting leaner and he’s looking more boyish, and that breaks my heart.

  4. Isn’t that video extraordinary? I feel like that is life, that is relationship, that is being a person, right there, on her face. And I hear you on the ever-leaner cheeks. Same here. Sob. xoxo

  5. Yes! I read that this past summer and loved it. Especially the language and imagery around light, the ocean, views … gorgeous!

  6. I am more than halfway through “Still Point,” Lindsey. I know a lot of mothers who have told me, “I just can’t read this book; it’ll make me too sad.” There is no denying that the story is a heart-breaking one, but there is so much in it that I find life-affirming. The message for all parents — despite the health status of their children — is universal and deeply-affecting: love them fully, right now, for who they are.

    And her thoughts about loss and grief, and our culture’s whacked out, uncomfortable relationship with all of it: yes. She echoes so much of what I think, and have thought over the years — especially right after my mother died.

    I live in New Mexico, and Emily will be speaking at my local bookstore next weekend. I plan on being in the audience.

  7. That video, which I happened upon unexpectedly, made me believe on a primal level that both healing and forgiveness are possible. Oh, but I loved it.

  8. I am reading The pillars of the earth. I am sure you read it already, especially because it ‘s about cathedrals.
    I love the link with pictures, all the women on those pictures are very beautiful.
    Thank you for the new book recommendations. I love it.

  9. Frances and Bernard looks really good. I don’t think I’ll be able to read Still Point, just cant, although I’ve read some incredible reviews.

    Right now I am loving The Good House by Ann Leary & The Good Wife, on Sunday nights.

  10. These are my favorite posts! I love your book recommendations. Adding to my list. I just started reading The Good House!

  11. I couldn’t agree with you more – I find the book tremendously affirming of life and actually more about how to live than about death. I am jealous that you get to see her in person and look forward to hearing all about it!!

  12. I love these posts! It’s like getting a present. I loved those photos. Wow. And your beautiful necklace. I am intrigued by the Moscow Mule .. Have had a bad cold for a while so alcohol is not sounding good … But what a great party idea!!

  13. Those photographs. Yes, my daughter. But more: Makes me feel so privileged. And that I should somehow be doing something more.

  14. On my mind: Mel King and his wise words that I heard this weekend at the MA Urban Farming Conference. So, so inspiring. And how I now think so much more these days about the food insecurity plaguing some families, too many kids, now that I am a mom. So much more we can collectively do. On my screen, too much Portlandia! On my night table, a clock that ticks the time away too loudly and Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior. Thanks for your list, as always!

  15. On my night table – Divergent and Insurgent (just finished the latter). Dying for the last book but I don’t think it comes out until fall 🙂

    On my screen – a whole lot of Web MD (sick toddler – on the mend though!) and prep for our upcoming trip to NEW ZEALAND WITH WEE ONE

    On my mind – whether or not we’ll survive the aforementioned trip to NZ

  16. On my night table – Siblings Without Rivalry. Sigh. Up next, Rapp’s book.

    On my screen – Westlaw. Double sigh.

    On my mind – figuring out how to connect and stay connected. Truly deeply connected. While living in a world that is so terribly disconnecting and disconnected.

  17. Ah, I have Siblings Without Rivalry. Sigh indeed. Once you figure that last point out, please let me know!

  18. I’m getting over some late-winter crud myself … Here’s to health and a Moscow mule or two in both of our futures!

  19. Love your Things I Love posts! I agree with reader Pamela – it IS like getting a present! I’ve become more of a cocktail drinker due to a wine allergy and my recent fave is a “Mexican Lemonade” which involves coconut vodka and lots of limes and some simple syrup…LOVED and can’t stop talking about Cheryl Strayed’s Wild…My whole family is watching Downton Abbey together and we are HOOKED – in the middle of the second season. Recently discovered my appreciation for Twitter…A Cup of Jo blog… And burning Paddywax candles – especially Basil & Cucumber – at home that never fail to garner the comment “Mmmm… Your house smells like Anthropologie”. 🙂

  20. Moscow Mule? Will have to try those! Sounds yummy.

    Hooked on Downton Abbey ( watching earlier seasons AGAIN ) making my way through End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe.

  21. I had to watch the video over and over… sometimes with tears in my eyes, sometimes with a smile on my face, sometimes both! It struck me that had I not read the few sentences regarding their history, I might have guessed at least part of it just by watching the two of them. Oh, what we are capable of saying without words.

    Cheryl Strayed’s Wild is next on my list, then The Still Point of the Turning World. I’ve had to mentally prepare myself for Emily Rapp’s book. I’ve written a bit about becoming a widow at 30 with three little, little boys, so I admire deeply her strength. I can’t imagine experiencing the loss of a child.

    I love finding remarkable debut authors, and I choose what I read from a variety of genres. Just finished a couple of rather dark selections, The Dinner by Herman Koch and a book of short stories by Lucia Perillo, Happiness is a Chemical in the Brain. On the softer side, poignant but not to literary, just finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

  22. I LOVED Wild too … look forward to hearing what you think. I’m going to check out the other books you mention too. xox

  23. I loved Wild too … loved, loved, loved. I haven’t yet watched Downton Abbey but have heard SO much about it. I guess I need to!

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