All life amazes me

At times these days I think of the way the sun would set on the farmland around our small house in the autumn.  A view of the horizon, the entire circle of it, if you turned, the sun setting behind you, the sky in front becoming pink and soft, then slightly blue again, as though it could not stop going on in its beauty, then the land closest to the setting sun would get dark, almost black against the orange line of the horizon, but if you turn around, the land is still available to the eye with such softness, the few trees, the quiet fields of cover crops already turned, and the sky lingering, lingering, then finally dark. As though the soul can be quiet for those moments.

All life amazes me.

– Elizabeth Strout, My Name is Lucy Barton

3 thoughts on “All life amazes me”

  1. Gosh, did you read this and think it was written for you?! Seems so to me with your love of the sun and sky, perfection…

    On another note, my daughter’s high school graduation is 2022 but thanks to your post about Reshma Saujani’s TED talk, I just signed up to receive info for Girls Who Code! Such a powerful message, I hope to instill bravery not perfection in my daughter. Thanks Lindsey! ~xo

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