Do people still read blogs? And, NINE years.


Our dessert at least week’s 15 year anniversary dinner.  Appropriate also to celebrate a 9 year blogging anniversary!

Tomorrow, September 15, marks nine years I’ve been blogging here.  Can we talk about that?  NINE YEARS.  No wonder I often feel like a broken record.  But still, I have no plans to stop.

Last month, I read Vikki Reich and Nina Badzin‘s pieces (Nina’s inspired by Vikki’s) about whether or not people still read blogs with interest.  I have certainly observed a decreasing amount of engagement here, and a flattening readership.  But I still read blogs myself.  Every day.  I still miss Google Reader, but I read my newsblur subscriptions every single day.  And the truth is, as I’ve written before, after years of feeling a lot of pressure and urgency around writing a book, I now think that what I am first and foremost is a blogger.  Writer, maybe.  Book writer, I’m not sure.  Blogger, yes.

I love blogging.  Writing here is a habit I have no intention of breaking or changing.  I love the engagement with readers, the other writers I’ve gotten to know through the blogosphere, and am regularly deeply moved by what I read on other blogs.  For me, the answer to the question of “are blogs dead” is an adamant no.  Blogs are changing, no question, but they are still relevant to me.  Maybe that conclusion makes me a dinosaur, but it’s definitely the one I draw.

I do share Nina’s view on list posts, as well as her admission that I’ve written them (probably my best-known piece is a list: 10 things I want my daughter to know before she turns 10 – as an aside, that daughter is about to turn 13!).  In general, that’s not my jam, and I don’t love the way the bloggy world has embraced that kind of writing.  As is true in many aspects of my life, in this respect I seem to have OMOF (the opposite of FOMO) – no worries at all about missing out.

Sometimes, though, I feel like I’m writing about the same things over and over again.  Maybe it’s a spiraling, a getting deeper into a topic as I continue to circle around it.  But maybe it’s a being stuck, too.  I honestly don’t know.  Perhaps it’s just part of the deal when writing regularly for nine straight years.

Nine straight years.  For a long time, I celebrated this blog birthday by asking you what things you would be interested in hearing about.  I don’t exactly know why I stopped, but I’d like to revisit that request today.

I’d be grateful if you’d share a few things you’d be interested in my writing about.

I look forward to hearing from you.  And thank you, thank you, Vikki and Nina, for getting me thinking. I know I’m thankful for both of your blogs and hope you keep writing.  As long as you do, I’ll be reading.


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  1. Happy Anniversary! And you know I too have been thinking a lot about this. I have been blogging for ages too and every so often I wonder if I should stop but I always come back. It keeps me writing and it keeps me connected to friends who I only know in the blogosphere who I would miss very much if I left. As to what I like to read here- more of the same please! And selfishly, I love it when you write about what you have been loving lately because I always find something new to love 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad you will keep writing here. Your blog continues to be thought-provoking, inspiring, and a pleasure to read. I don’t feel like you sound like a broken record at all. Revisiting themes seems to be a central part of this middle season of life and raising a family.
    More generally, I still read blogs but have pared down the list of those I read regularly. A number of blogs seem to have shifted to a high percentage of sponsored posts and I find myself drifting away from those as often the writing feels forced.

  3. I definitely don’t think blogging is dead, but it’s definitely gotten harder and harder to find things to read on the internet that offer substance. The influx of different social media channels like instagram has definitely changed things a lot, because people realized they didn’t have to actually write anything to garner a readership. But for actual WRITERS (like yourself) I don’t think there will ever be a true substitute for blogging, and I hope you never stop.

    I’ve been blogging for five years, and it’s been more and more difficult for me to find a “community” of like-minded people who blog because they love writing. As a former journalism student, it does make me sad that the most popular writing on the internet is typically in the form of a list.

  4. Happy Blog Anniversary. Nine years – Wow. I’m relatively new to the blogging game, and I’ve been struggling with writing, because it does seem as though you need to write list posts, to get published on big sites. I’m not a big fan (of lists) either. I love your blog just the way it is!

  5. Happy, Happy Anniversaries!!

    It is writers/bloggers like you who make reading online a sustainable, meaningful-to-life thing. You’re so much more than a flash in the pan, so much more than ‘what will make readers click’.

    As for what I’d like to see you writing about? Whatever you’re inspired to write about, for that is why folks return, that is why the relationships are forged from your words.
    Just continue to be the marvelousnes (is too a word) that is you.

  6. Congrats on 9 years! I’m a Niner too. I hear ya in writing about the same things at times and I do believe that we spiral deeper. I’m a better writer than I was nine years ago and I like to think that it helps be more accurately relay my experiences.

    I have no plans to stop either. Keep on keepin’ on.

  7. Hi Lyndsey

    Happy Anniversary. What I love about your blog is your openness. Many times, I felt that I had been there as you. It made me feel that I am not alone. I am not a blogger but religiously follow your site and few others.

    Keep going and good wishes

  8. Happy Blogiversary! This year was 9 years for me too. It feels like forever ago when we used to blog for the sheer love of writing something that connected with people. These days there are so many sponsored posts, what to do and not to do, that it makes me kind of crazy actually.

    I’m a newer reader (a year or so) but I love your writing – keep on keeping on!

  9. Thankyou so much. I so appreciate this and hope you are right about the revisiting of themes being just part of this particular season. I dislike the sponsored posts also. xox

  10. Nine years! That’s awesome, if not inspirational. I will always be a reader of yours, which I’ve probably been doing for at least three years now, maybe closer to four. I’m glad you intend to stay in this space. And, to me, it doesn’t feel like you are repetitive. Yes, you stick to some predictable themes, but there is always such nuance, Lindsey, to these posts. They are each a singular bloom in a larger, beautiful bouquet. I’d love to hear more about how your own childhood/upbringing influences your own role as wife, mother, and woman, what you took from that and, maybe, what you didn’t, intentionally or otherwise. I find the many links in the longer familial chain to be fascinating. Here’s to nine more years! xo

  11. Happy Anniversary, Lindsay! I wish I had been reading you for all nine years! I found you two years ago and look forward to your blog in my inbox every time I see it. I love the depth to your writing and you speak directly to my soul when you write about the elusive way time is passing by in relation to your children and life phases. I have never experienced anyone – in person or blog- that expresses this so poignantly and beautifully. My heart feels torn every day when I look at my children — now teenagers — and I wonder “how did we get here” … so, when you write as you do of all your feelings about this, it brings me so much validation. You have helped me to be much more “present” for them each day. Your words resonate so much for me. Please keep sharing your soul as you do …

  12. There are a small % of blogs I read religiously and yours is the top of the list. Although I don’t know you, I feel like minded and I value your life’s perspective. It’s comforting having a community of mothers who share the blink of childhood together and who enjoy excellent writing.
    When I first happened upon your blog, I would engage more often. The reason I have engaged less is not because I am not reading but because I don’t want to “appear” over indulgent in the comment section. I suppose there is blog reader etiquette / unwritten rule I am following where i don’t want to be labeled “crazy follower”.
    Also, Thank you for sharing your honestly with balancing motherhood and work. So many of my friends with big careers are not open about juggling it all and they make it all look so easy and never omit to struggling in any sector of their lives. Not sure if they are just strong women or want to appear strong or a different MB Type from me!?

  13. Happy Anniversary!
    Blogging is a great way to connect with other bloggers, authors, poets. We share a love for words and a love for life. As long as the passion is there we must continue and share our thoughts. I have enjoyed reading your blog and sharing this space with you. Xox

  14. Welcome back! I commented in more detail on Nina’s post, but here I will just say that your blog is the kind of blog that I will never stop reading. And if you stop, I might have to start stalking you via email. 🙂 Certain blogs like yours make me think, make me feel, make me stop and take measure, and make me feel not alone. That is magic, and worth so much. So thank you for sharing with us and giving us so much. xoxo

  15. Happy Anniversary! I never comment because I don’t like the public nature of Facebook commenting, but I love your blog. I believe I first found you when you turned 39 before I did, and then again when your son turned 10 shortly before mine (my oldest) did. Now I am 40 and just enjoy your reflections on parenting, living in the moment, and your book and culture recommendations! Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep reading (:

  16. Happy blogaversary! Nine years of beautiful writing is something to celebrate — and to double down on, so I’m happy and relieved to see that you’re sticking around. I hope you’ll continue to use this space however it brings you the most satisfaction; I so appreciate that you trust your readers enough to bring us along as your life and family continue to evolve, even if you don’t have all the answers. I love to read whatever you love to write.

  17. I have never commented on a blog before, but here goes. I first noticed your writing via Dani Shapiro’s blog about two years ago and check in on both every few days. You’re bookmarked under “writer blogs” next to her, so you’re officially legit. Happy Anniversary!

  18. I’m definitely struggling and do not make it look easy! I appreciate hearing that that has value. Sometimes I worry I let it all hang out, as it were, a little too much! xox

  19. Congratulations on nine and counting. We read your blog and maybe for or five others consistently, follow on twitter and instagram. The content is relevant, sparkling and informative for us. We’re parents of two and grandparents to five. While our children are contemporaries of yours and others we follow our grandchildren are younger, from six to three months. We hope by paying attention to the challenges of the day that you all face and describe, we’ll be better informed, and more valuable resources for all of them.

    We love what you have to say and look forward to your posts each week. I think we would be hard pressed, at least at the moment to say please write about these specific topics. Well maybe just one thing lurks in the minds eye. Lately our daughter with a six and three year old, a career, a mid-management husband and a household to martial, feels her life is occasionally skidding a bit out of control. Our advice has been take a pause, a breath and tell us how we can help. I am not sure that’s a long term answer but it’s the best I’ve got at the moment. I know that everyone we read has been there and surely more than a few times. What’s your take?

  20. Dear Lindsey –
    I have stopped blogging but haven’t stopped reading your beautiful blog!
    I really hesitate to suggest a post topic, because that’s the kiss of death for me, when someone suggests I write about something.
    The best piece of advice I ever got about writing was “the most personal is the most universal.”
    So please keep sharing your personal observations…about anything!

  21. I’d love to hear about how you balance reading, running, relationshipping, and parenting.

    Seriously, I am curious who you work your moving pieces. I know it is not done without fraying here and there, so really just glimpses of who you juggle. xo

  22. I feel like with all the social media now, reading/interacting/commenting on blogs should be WAY easier… but perhaps because of how easy and fast everything is, people don’t take the time to actually read blogs anymore, because it… takes time?

    I get your blog delivered to my email inbox, which gets forwarded to my phone. I have a ghetto phone from the 19th century with no data, so I cannot reply or interact on the blog itself in any way from my phone.

    Often this means I am reading the blogs I subscribe to (probably 8-10 of them) when I check my phone, but I am not able to interact in the way I would like to. If I see them again later in the evenings when I am on the computer, I sometimes take the time to click and go to the blog site and re-read and comment… but that just isn’t feasible all the time.

    My sister asked me what my dream job was a year or so ago… my answer was likely not her proudest “I’m a super career-driven successful big sister and I want my little sister to be super career-driven successful too”: “I want to be a professional blog-reader and writer….”


    I will keep reading yours, EVEN if I don’t comment – because I love your words.

  23. Happy anniversary! I’ve been following for years now and it’s always a pleasure. I’ll be celebrating my 9th too. I’m glad that the blogging community still lives well enough despite not being in the spotlight anymore. Keep up with the good work!

  24. Here’s to 9 years (and 15)! Though I haven’t been a reader that long, I have loved being a part of the community you’ve built. It’s funny, I absolutely consider myself a writer and not a “click-bait” blogger, but I started a weekly list post long before it came a thing and I think lists are just really digestible for readers. But, I, too, think they’ve become overdone (says the writer who’s in the midst of writing a list post).

    I’m so glad you’re continuing here and I will continue along with you!

  25. An admission: I write a regular “things I love” column, and absolutely ADORE posts like that from others. I just never once thought of them as list posts – how awful is that!? I’m grateful that you’re writing and blogging in whatever form. Please don’t stop! xox

  26. WOW nine years! First, congratulations on collecting your thoughts in writing in THIS space for so long. I think you have so many loyal readers because your writing has soul and it’s relevant. As someone said above . . . the personal is universal.

    As you know, I do not thinking blogging is dead, but it has changed. Nevertheless, your voice is one that people relate to and will read here and anywhere.

    Congrats again! (And of course thanks for continuing the conversation!)

  27. I still read! I was not keeping up with blogs for a while because I did not want to sit at my desktop computer, but I finally discovered feedly for my phone. Now I plan to keep up!

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