I wish her safe passage

In her room at the prow of the house
Where light breaks, and the windows are tossed with linden,
My daughter is writing a story.

I pause in the stairwell, hearing
From her shut door a commotion of typewriter-keys
Like a chain hauled over a gunwale.

Young as she is, the stuff
Of her life is a great cargo, and some of it heavy:
I wish her safe passage.

– Richard Wilbur, The Writer (excerpt)

I heard this for the first time at my niece‘s christening celebration many years ago.  And now I have a daughter who wants to be a writer and who is finding some of the stuff of her life to be heavy.  Oh, life.  I heard this for the first time at my niece’s christening celebration many years ago.  I still love it.

I am taking next week off to spend with the children because they are on break.  I’ll be back on the 23rd!  Maybe, then, most of the snow will have melted.  A girl can dream.

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  1. Oh, Lindsey, this is gorgeous and wrenching, as a woman who was once a girl writer and now a grown up one with a budding artist/writer daughter of my own… Your daughter is truly blessed (and I don’t throw that word around loosely) to have a wise writing mother to help shed light on her journey.

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