Summer: long ago & some writing

One month ago today I picked Grace ad Whit up from sleepaway camp and turned 40.  It feels like that was a hundred years ago!  Today I just want to highlight a few writing- and web-related things that happened over the summer and recently.


This is Childhood, the book that Brain Child magazine published from our series about the various ages of childhood, is on sale this week for 40% off.  It’s just $6!  What a great birthday or holiday gift … just an idea.  I’m thrilled that my piece, This is Ten, an excerpt from the book (spoiler alert: it’s the end of the book) is on the site today and the link to purchase the book is easily available there.  I hope you will consider it!


photoI published Navigating by the Stars on Medium, a site I’ve come to really admire and respect.  For those who think I don’t write about Matt enough, here’s a rare example of a story all him.  It talks about our experience, a few months after we met, climbing Kilimanjaro.  I am proud of this piece and hope you like it.


photo(1)I was thrilled when Tabitha of Team Studer profiled me as one of her Moms Next Door.  Her interview, which includes a lot of pictures, is here.




Also: are you on Instagram?  I love it and even when I wasn’t writing here I was sharing photos there.  Please come find me!

3 thoughts on “Summer: long ago & some writing”

  1. Just ordered my copy of “This is Childhood,” thanks for posting the link! Loved your article and all the pix featured on the Team Struder piece not to mention IG where I *heart* your photos frequently (as MrsPollo). Hope you and family are enjoying the transition to fall.

  2. “This is Ten” is just beautiful. I have a 10 year old daughter also, so this definitely struck a chord with me. Thank you for writing this!

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