to call forth its treasures

“If your daily life seems of no account, don’t blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its treasures.”  ~ Rilke

Thank you to my friend Katrina Kenison, on whose beautiful blog I first encountered this perfect sentence.

10 thoughts on “to call forth its treasures”

  1. I was wondering last night before bed what quote or poem you might have selected for Valentine’s Day, maybe a love poem, perhaps. But this is even better, especially on a Friday at the end of a long week. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  2. Oh I needed this quote this week! I have been scratchy and bored and this was a perfect reminder to me that I need to create the life I want – not to wait for it to happen. Thank you!

  3. I love that this puts the responsibility of recognizing our own magical lives squarely on our shoulders.

  4. Thank YOU – I need the reminder all the time and I’m glad to know I’m not alone! (though sorry you know that scratchy boredom that is so familiar to me)…!

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