In the crucible

I am richly blessed with marvelous friends.  I laughed when I read an article recently that debunked myths about introverts.  “Introverts hate people,” it argued, is absolutely untrue.  It’s just that it takes a while to earn an introvert’s true trust, and once you do, you have a loyal friend for life.  This is unquestionably true of me.  My beloved native speakers, who sail beside me through rain and sun, are among the most important parts of my life.

I was honored, therefore, when the team at the HerStories Project asked me to write for them.  And my post is up there, now, about a once-and-always dear friend, the woman who was closest to me as I tiptoed into motherhood and traversed the rocky waters of the first few months.  I hope you’ll read my piece, A Friendship Forged In the Crucible, and explore the other work on HerStories while you’re there.  I love what they’re doing.

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