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I am always looking for ways to capture right now.  After all these, right now is my life, after all.  I found this meme on Ali Edwards’ beautiful blog, and loved it.  I’m so curious about what’s on … in your world right now too!

Vanity – I don’t have a vanity. I’m not totally sure what a vanity is?

Perennial to-do list – Laundry.  There is always laundry to do.  And Whole Foods.  I cannot walk out of that place without forgetting something.

Refrigerator Shelves – 1% milk, rice milk, Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, pineapple, sliced up red pepper, a bottle of homemade green juice.

Itinerary – Our annual trip to Legoland this summer, and our traditional family trip to Vermont for a week in August.

Fantasy Itinerary – At a dinner recently a friend asked everyone to go around the table and say the one place they most want to visit.  That was easy for me: the Galapagos.  I want to go there, and soon, because I know my animal-obsessed daughter will love it.

Playlist – I don’t listen to music other than in the car (Mumford & Sons, James Taylor, One Day by Matisyahu, songs from Brave, The Story by Brandi Carlile, Home by Phillip Phillips) and when running (top 40 all the way: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink).

Nightstand – A stack of magazines.  A framed picture of Matt and me at a friend’s wedding a month after we were married.  A heart-shaped glass dish that Grace gave me with chapsticks and ear plugs in it.  A copy of Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening.  An alarm clock.  A notepad and pen.

Workout Plan – 5:30am runs 4(ish) days a week.  Yoga or Pilates when I can figure out how to jam that in.  

iPhone – Instagram, Twitter, Words with Friends, Ruzzle.  I am lame and mostly use email and text.  So 2006!

Top 5 List – Poetry, the sky, baggy Lululemon studio pants, notes from Grace, Whit’s laughter.

Bucket List – Write a book, fly in a helicopter, go to Alaska, St Petersburg, the Grand Canyon, be able to do a handstand in the middle of the room.

Mind – The bewildering state of the world, lines from poems by Stanley Kunitz and Adrienne Rich, whether my children will grow up into nuclear winter with a trashed environment and violence all around them, will I ever get my inbox under control, my grandfather as Princeton reunions near.

Blogroll –  Katrina Kenison, Amanda Magee, Le Catch, A First Sip (and so, so many others!)

Walls of your Favorite Room in Your House – A large memo board with photographs of Grace, Whit, my godchildren, my nieces and nephews, my bridesmaids, and my best friends as well as a couple of quotations (The Work by Wendell Berry), notes from three special people, and a string of small prayer beads.  A large framed print that says “LOVE” and three small prints that say, respectively, “we are all made of stars,” “peace, be still,” and “you are so loved.”

Liquor Shelf – Sauvignon blanc, French red wine, vodka, gin, tonic, Mount Gay rum, and ginger beer.  

Last Credit Card Statement – Lots of things.  Airline tickets, Whole Foods, crewcuts, Amazon.  I could go on.

Screensaver – Scrolling photographs from the last year in iPhoto.  I often sit and watch it when I return to my desk.

TV Every Night –The TV isn’t turned on every night.  When Matt’s home, he sometimes watches sports.  I’m waiting for Homeland to come back!

What’s on your …?

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  1. No vanity but West Elm white lacquer tray / Laundry and now even more with basketball and baseball uniforms, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, King’s and Shop Rite, Dunkin Donuts, Sage’s Pages Bookstore in Madison / Healthy lunches prepped for me for the week and kids staples prepped, pasta, t sauce, parm cheese, gala apples, HB eggs, spinach, organic carrots with green tops / Travel baseball summer x’s three boys, visit to NC to visit colleges for older son or Boston area beach trip / A warm beach, last real vacation was my honeymoon in St. Barths / Car radio, I love quiet time when I walk or run / No nightstand I sleep close to the wall, books, fashion mags, IPad, pile of pens / 5:30am Bar Method in Summit, NJ, walks if time allows, looking for a great yoga studio (not hot) / Need a 13 year old or IPhone class – email, text (preferred method), Instagram, not a FB fan / to travel and get out of Jersey for a bit / worry constantly about my kids safety and well being, Did I teach my kids the important lessons I intended to, money (hate it but need more!), having the time to do the things that matter the most to me ( a feeling of time running out) / Daily reads – A Design So Vast, Elements of Style and always searching for new blogs / My boys art & writing seeing them create and not just execute, seeing a happy smile from my kids, time spent with family just before we all drift off to bed, the perfect sunny day, when my rare but quiet confidence kicks in / no favorite room but favorite current paint color in dining room Chelsea Gray, BM/ Red wine, white wine don’t drink unless with girlfriends/ kids sports eqpt., Zara cute tops purchase for work, camp registration, baseball u12 fundraiser tickets, jcrew, too much food shopping / my son Jake, my kids change my screensaver on me / hate tv but check in with the news / Had to do something silly this morning. This was fun. Now, off to work!!

  2. Vanity – I don’t have one, I am trying to embrace my aging change with grace.
    Perennial to-do list – Laundry
    Refrigerator Shelves – Orange juice – tomato’s – left over’s, milk, eggs, bacon
    Itinerary – Bush Gardens and a summer full of local activities
    Fantasy Itinerary – I hiked the grand Canon ten years ago, now I would like to see it through my children’s eyes.
    Playlist – Whatever my 10 yr old daughter wants me to listen to. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift – I draw the line at Justin Bebber.
    Nightstand – Wedding photos and my Key West Tervis glass of water 
    Workout Plan – 9 – 9:30 workout with Body Electric.
    iPhone – Notes and Tetris and email (yes I am a product of the 80).
    Top 5 List – Playing yahtzee with my husband. Listening to my children talk to each other. No spending Wednesday. Sunday mornings.
    Bucket List – Live on a marina, did it once, like to do it again. Live on a farm, never done it, but I would like to try it.
    Mind – what will I do today to make my life and those around me as comfortable as possible. So in short that means, wash my daughters favorite outfit for Friday, Guess what my sons favorite dish of the day is as he will tell me later that he does not like it anymore.
    Walls of your Favorite Room in Your House – My 150 lb Tarpon (fish) caught with my dad, who has since passed away, but was a charter boat captain.
    Liquor Shelf – Patron, Crown Royal, Canadian Club, various beers.
    Last Credit Card Statement – Target Target Target Target —
    Screensaver – Scrolling Photos
    TV Every Night –The Big Bang Theory

  3. Thanks for linking to Ali’s blog–had never stumbled across it before. Think I relate most to your mind. Last night, emptying mine out in bed, I finally stopped talking and heard the silence. I asked the other person there with me if he thinks its easier to live in his mind than it would be in mine. He just laughed. 🙂

  4. Oh, this makes me laugh too. I have two stories about that. The first is Anne Lamott’s fabulous quote about how her mind was like a bad neighborhood she tries not to spend too much time in. The second is one day I saw a friend going running without any music. I commented on it and she said she has plenty of voices in her head to listen to. Oh, that’s what I mean, I answered: I need the music to drown the voices out!

  5. Have I thanked you lately for being so steadfast in your blogging through the years. Coming here just makes me happy and, regardless of the subject, you make me think…

    I just googled “what’s a vanity”! 🙂

    One of these days, I’ll get back to my own blog but, no matter what, I won’t ever leave yours. xo

  6. Oh my goodness! Just yesterday I wrote a post called ‘What on my nightstand.” inspired by Susannah Conway’s Blogging from the Heart. May have to do this one next week…

  7. What a fun meme! It’s a nice reminder of the art and beauty that surrounds us every day.

    Well, that, and it’s a good reminder that I need to move the laundry to the dryer. Thanks for that, too.

  8. I love this….so much fun! Can I borrow this and post a link on my blog? Not sure of the etiquette, but would love to get my friends to do this.

    As far as what is on your mind-some of that would send my right to your liquor shelf:)!

  9. Love this glimpse into your life. (And of course am honored to be on your blog roll!!) Thinking about doing such a catalog myself at the moment just makes me painfully aware of the fact that I have too much on my plate. Will let you know after I’ve winnowed down the bedside table, cleaned the fridge, and re-established my running routine. . .xo

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