More things I love lately

Gratitude on an ordinary night – Allison Slater Tate’s gorgeous love letter to her 10 1/2 year old son, saturated with her awareness of all that is already over, spoke to the core of my bruised, overflowing mother’s heart.  Yes, I wish I’d known Allison when we were going through pregnancy together (we went to college together, but did not connect until years later), but I’m even more grateful that I know her now, as we careen into these years of mothering tweens together.

Homeland – You know I don’t want TV.  I made an exception for Homeland, and wow am I glad I did.  I bought the first season on DVD and Matt and I watched it in 3 days.  We then upgraded our cable (don’t watch TV = basic cable package) so that we have Showtime and can watch the second season.  I am obsessed.  This is brilliant, compulsively-watchable drama, full of both geo-political intrigue and profoundly human characters.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Tiny Home – I love this ode from Kate Conner to her small house.  We too live in a small house, and I relate to so many of the things Kate says.  My house keeps me honest and it keeps me neat.  It overflows with memories; it is the only house my husband and I have ever lived in, and while we sometimes wish we had more space or a bigger yard, it really is all that we need, and I like the lesson that provides for our children as well.

Somewhere Else – I am a huge Stacy Morrison fan, and this is one of my favorite posts of her always-thoughtful, always-beautiful writing.  There is so much I love about her writing: her deep desire to see meaning in the universe, the way she can’t help witnessing and noticing beauty even in moments of dark despair, her love of Rilke and words, and her support of women making their way in the world.  In another post she wrote this sentence, which brought me to my knees with its glorious truth: “It’s the humble moments that possess the majesty.”

Glimmering Moments of Beauty – This gorgeous piece by Jana of An Attitude Adjustment was profoundly resonant for me.  I love hearing that others are also routinely stopped in their tracks by the startling beauty of this world, and always appreciate the reminder to stay open to them.

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  1. Loved reading “Tiny Home.” I, too, live in a small, two-bedroom home, with no desire to upsize, for all the reasons mentioned in the post. Now that Abra is here people automatically assume that we will move to a bigger house, but I don’t think we need a guest bedroom for the rare occasions in which someone comes to stay with us. We make do with the space we have.

  2. Tiny House is beautiful! I thought our house was huge when it was just the hubs and I after living in apartments for most of our married life. Now that we’ve got a big dog and 2 toddlers with a lot more stuff, it seems small. But I don’t want bigger. I like cozy too much!

  3. I always love your posts about what you love: I always find something new to search out and, invariably, to love as well.

    Homeland?? So glad to know this. Always looking for something that we can all watch together. Thanks for being our curator of good things!

  4. I love these posts and hope you’ll continue to do more of the things you are reading/loving. I get such little time to read blogs these days- it was a joy to read these faves of yours. Hope you’re well. xoxo

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