More things I love lately

My friend Nina Badzin asked if I might make my things I love lately post a regular feature and so … here we go!

Instagrid – I love Instagram (come find me! lemead) and think this site that shows you the last set of your images, arrayed in regular boxes, is brilliant.  Such a beautiful snapshot of life right now.  I wish I could print these instagrids every week or so.  Are you on Instagram?  Let me know your name in the comments so I can check you out!

Beautiful Daughter – A reader sent me this gorgeous song that she wrote and recorded, inspired in part by my 10 Things I Want my Daughter to Know piece on Huffington Post.  I adore it; her voice is beautiful and the sentiment brings tears to my eyes.

Carrying On – Every single word Katrina Kenison writes moves me, literally.  Her books, her blog, emails.  Every word.  I’m fairly sure Katrina is the writer who makes me cry – in a good way! – more than any other.  It’s impossible for me to choose a favorite piece of her writing.  But this post, written in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, contained a sentence that made me gasp: “we can gently transform sorrow for all that’s lost into gratitude for all that is.”  This, right here: this is what I want, need, aspire to do.  Every minute of every day.

Giftlit – One of my favorite sites for gift giving.  You can buy book-a-month subscriptions for children (or adults), specifying age and interest.  3, 6, and 12- month options.  A couple of years ago I gave giftlit subscriptions to all of my god-children and other close family friends.  My sister gave one to Grace before that and I can say first hand it was a huge hit.  Books PLUS packages in the mail.  What’s better than that!?

Ready or Not – This piece by Allison Slater Tate about touring a middle school for her 10 year old son made me both laugh and cry.  She conveys perfectly the mix of wonder and shock, of grief and pride that animates these days with children who suddenly stand at our shoulder.  I’m proud to call Allison my friend, and grateful that she is also parenting a 10 year old tween.  This is a new mothering season for me and, I know, for Allison, and I’m so glad to have her wise companionship and counsel as I try to find my footing. 

This weekend, I read and loved The Longest Way Home by Andrew McCarthy, I have Christmas carols going full bore (in my car, which is really the only place I listen to music), and yesterday was among the most technicolor and high-definition days I have experienced in a long, long time.  The light right now is so clear, the world so beautiful, that it makes my heart hurt.

Please, tell me, what are you reading, listening to, watching, and loving lately?

11 thoughts on “More things I love lately”

  1. I’m running out the door today but I wanted to say I LOVE YOU! And I am so glad you are where I am too. I am going to need a hand to hold, and I am glad you will be there.


  2. Yes!! So glad you’re doing this. You have an eye and ear for good stuff and your readers (like me!) appreciate a curated list of good things to know about.

    In related news, I saw some camo pants and thought of you. 😉

  3. Definitely using Giftlit the next time I have to give a baby gift, which is frequently these days!

    I know I am REALLY late to the table on this one, but I listen to Phillip Phillips’ “Home” about 80 times a time.

    Also, re-reading “Gift of an Ordinary Day” right now! Loving it the second time through just as much, if not more.

  4. Lindsey,

    I also love this post and like the thought of you making it a regular feature. I might try it, too. Good inspiration, Nina! What beautiful thoughts and tips. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lindsey, will you elaborate on the Christmas music you listen to in your car? You have such good taste. I’m going to order some Christmas CDs, and any recommendations would be welcome. Thanks.

  6. Yes! Ill dig out the playlist for the CD I just made which is some of my all time favorites. But I love Annie Lennox’s Christmas CD, and Sarah Mclachlan’s Wintersong, and a CD by a group called The Lower Lights whose name I can’t recall (though I am sure google does). Also Josh Groban’s Noel CD. Will get more details and post!

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