The story I can’t stop telling

I have a new piece on the Huffington Post, The Story I Can’t Stop Telling.  It’s a story which will be very familiar to anyone who’s read anything I write here.

And I really can’t stop telling it.  While swimming this afternoon, Whit hopped in one end of the pool while I happened to be walking by.  I watched him set out to swim the whole length, which he did, inelegantly but without stopping.  I hadn’t told him I was watching, so I didn’t think he knew.  But when he got to the other end, he hauled himself up by his still-narrow shoulders, water sluicing off his white back.  I smiled at the back of his head and then was startled when he turned to look at – or maybe for – me.  I gave him a thumbs up and a big smile and his grin in return was incandescent.  He still wants to know I’m watching him.

I know these days are numbered, and the drumbeat sound of their passage deafens me.  The sweetness overwhelms me and makes me cry.  And all I know how to do is to pay close attention, to watch and listen and love deeply, and then to write it all down.

To write down the story I can’t stop telling.

4 thoughts on “The story I can’t stop telling”

  1. My 5 year old daughter nuzzled me this afternoon and cooed, “I love you so much, Mama.” Like you, those are moments I will chew on forever! I’ve tried very hard not to be sad as a stage passes knowing the next will be wonderful too. I’ve had moments of pause as my one and only child leaves infancy, toddlerhood, and now preschool behind. I’m glad to find your blog and writing at this stage in my daughter’s life. Your writing is beautiful. So happy for your appearance in HuffPost! Have a great holiday week!

  2. Lindsey, I just want you to know that my Tucker, turning 14 in August, still snuggles and loves just like when he was 7. When I pick up at school, he still reaches out to hold my hand in his. Some of them remain snugglers! From all I’ve read about Whit, I think he may be another one of ’em!

  3. yes – i’m with kasey! don’t expect that the physical closeness with your son has to go away. no, he won’t get in your bed for much longer, it’s true, but you can still get plenty of love. my son just turned 15. we sit on the couch read together every night, i get unsolicited hugs often, and we always hug goodbye. still, the angst of watching them grow-i get it what you’re saying. a bittersweet stew of pride and pain all swirled together!

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