Photo Wednesday 9: Alone (together)

This summer’s central thrill is the two of them swimming to the rafts at the beach (both near and far) by themselves.  Alone, and together, they swam through the sparkling sun on the early morning high tide last week.

A lone woman was in the water swimming out to the line when Grace and Whit crashed, giggling, into the ocean.  When she came out, I apologized that her swim may have been less placid than usual.  She smiled and told me my children were having a wonderful time together.  “All I could hear was them saying ‘pretend’ and ‘watch me,’ and laughing a lot.”

Isn’t that the essence of childhood?  Pretend, and watch me?

2 thoughts on “Photo Wednesday 9: Alone (together)”

  1. I am leaving this comment from a balcony that allows me to look at the water meet the horizon. Your children’s whimsy is making me want to run down to the beach and splash. Watch me, and pretend indeed.

  2. “Watch me”….I don’t hear that as often now that my kids are teens, but I’ll bet that this weekend at the lake my son will have some tricks he’s dying to show off – and I couldn’t be happier to see his confidence and excitement!

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