The predicament of loving the world

… what a gift to die on the verge of tears.  I have spent my life trying to understand the way this rock and this ache go together, why a granite peak is more dramatic half dressed in clouds (like a woman), why sunlight under fog is better than the sum of its parts, why my best days and my worst days are always the same days, why (often) leaving sees like the only solution to the predicament of loving (each other) the world.

– Pam Houston, Contents May Have Shifted

4 thoughts on “The predicament of loving the world”

  1. Earlier today, I heard something in a similar vein. Something like this: “One who searches is never content, but is always surprised. It’s a fair trade.” The rock and the ache, the sunlight and fog, the search and the surprise… yes, probably a fair trade 🙂

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