August 31st

End of day, end of summer wistful. August 2011, Vermont. This picture reminds me of my assertion that we must not presume to walk the terrain of another’s heart without guidance.  We just don’t know what goes on in the head and spirit of others.  Even the glittering, which we may be privileged to glimpse from time to time, is only a tiny indication of what lives in those depths that we cannot plumb.  I find this fact both lonely and miraculous.

11 thoughts on “August 31st”

  1. My mother used to say, “You never know what goes on behind closed doors.” When I feel too much envy or too much spite, I remember those words. BTW, August 31 was my due date with Abra (although she chose not to arrive ‘on time’).

  2. It is both lonely and miraculous, and something that never ceases to amaze me. I’ve loved your August photos, but am looking forward to getting back to your daily dose of words! I’ve missed them. xo

  3. I’ve gotten distracted clicking on so many things with this post. You’ve grown a garden with this photo and wonderings inside your head. You are so right. There is so much glittering inside us all. Thanks for the tiny glimpse into what sparkles behind your closed lids.

  4. What a beautiful photo. And how true your words are. I needed this – I have been feeling very isolated and lonely and your words remind me that we all live in that place occasionally, mostly in secret. Thanks for reminding me that we are not alone, and that the people who are triggering us might be in that place as well.


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