thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I thank you god for this most amazing day.

Thank you….

… to the lovely, loving crowds that made my 92 year old grandfather, celebrating his 71st reunion, smile more widely than I’ve ever seen

… to the rain for holding off.  The absence of biblical flooding was unnerving (at the 5th reunion we literally wore trash bags), but in a good, good way.

… to the people who came up to tell me that they read this blog.  I cannot possibly convey how much hearing that means to me.  At all.

… To my friends, who so generously talked to, played pool with, and posed for photographs by (and with) my children.  You are family.

… To the seniors who gave Grace, Thacher, Cade, and Ava a hundred or more high fives as they walked in front of us, leading our class, wearing costumes, holding signs, and demonstrating true spirit and pride.

I’m praying my favorite – and only – prayer tonight (and Meister Eckhart’s):

thank you

10 thoughts on “thank you”

  1. I *love* that picture. I had so much fun with my kids at reunions last time, I was kicking myself all weekend for not going this year. We may never miss them again….it’s a lot of plane tickets for us, but it might just be worth it…Loved reading about your experience.

  2. LOVE this! 100% agree that P-rade is perhaps the most awesome exemplification of Princeton…

  3. This is exceptional. I was actually there and I remember seeing you four. A friend that is doing research with us at Penn this summer invited me to go. Your grandfather has this stoic expression of determination on his face and the little ones look as though they are thoroughly enjoying the experience. Thank you for sharing.

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