Above the clouds

Sky Above the Clouds, Georgia O’Keeffe, 1962-63 (one of my favorite paintings, ever)

Our big adventure to Legoland began on Saturday morning. After we boarded the plane, Whit pushed up his window shade and stared, wide-eyed, at the airport activity outside. “Mummy! A cart full of luggage!” “Mummy! What are those bright orange lighted sticks that man is holding for?!” I kept asking him to keep his voice down but I was laughing at the same time, touched by his excitement and the eyes through which everything is still new and amazing. His wonder was contagious.

As the plane taxied towards the runway, I noticed that Whit and Grace were holding hands. I felt the pressure of my heart in my chest, fell headlong into one of those moments so swollen with emotion that I’m unsure that I can physically contain it. Both childrens’ heads were turned towards the window so they did not see the tear that rolled down my face.

As the plane took off, angling upward, Whit looked at me with absolute awe in his eyes. “Mummy, do we go above the clouds?” he asked. You could tell he could not quite believe the answer might be yes. “Yes, Whitty, we do!” I replied.

“Grace did you hear that? Above the clouds?” Grace is sitting between us, and undoubtedly heard, but Whit wanted to make absolutely sure she was aware of the miracle we were living. Right that moment.

As the plane soared into the clouds, Whit whispered to himself, “Wow. Everything is getting so small.” And then, after pondering another moment, he turned to me, “Mummy! Everything is getting so small!” I smiled at them both, and reached my hand over to join theirs in a three-way embrace as we lifted into the sky.

9 thoughts on “Above the clouds”

  1. Oh, the wonder of it all! Wait til he sees Legoland!

    Magical words – thank you.

    The painting is on the top of my list…

  2. You convey so much, in just a few perfectly chosen words. I’m glad Whit got to go. And just think — already, thanks to you, your children understand that the journey is even more important than the destination. Enjoy.

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