The old guard

My grandfather. At his 70th Princeton reunion. He walked the whole P-Rade route (the rest of his class rode in golf carts). Princeton tradition holds that the oldest living alum who returns to reunions is awarded a fancy cane and is much feted as he rides in the P-Rade. Pops has pretty clear ambitions to be that guy. I’m thinking he has a fairly good shot.

I’m proud of this man for his vigor, his passion, his determination. Proud to have followed in his footsteps. Proud to have his name. Just plain proud.

4 thoughts on “The old guard”

  1. Very cool.

    And to think, summer nineteen-forty and what the world must have felt like, the world about to plunge into war… but not quite yet.

    I just came back from the post office where I asked if they had anything prettier than the standard stamps and I found myself starting at a commemorative stamp honoring BIll Mauldin from ’44 (he was a prominent political cartoonist, but he was also my friend’s dad).

    Bill has passed, but I sure hope your Pops gets the oldest living alumn crown one day.

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