The last day of school

Today is the last day of school.  If history is any indication I will be crying by 8:40 (the end of year assembly starts at 8:30).  Full report tomorrow.

For now: my two favorite pictures of the first day of school, September 2009.  Seems like a lifetime ago and yesterday at the same time.

10 thoughts on “The last day of school”

  1. Congratulations to Grace and Whit on finishing a year of school. They are really beautiful children! Hope you all have fun summer plans!

  2. We’ve got two more days. With work being so crazy, I worry that I’m not helping my boy process. Maybe he doesn’t need it. Maybe it’s just me that needs to process. 😉

    (Summa summa summa tiyame! Summatime.)

    (Yes. I know I am a big fat dork.)

  3. Gosh that photo is breathtaking. The lighting, the palpable nod to the new school year and the beauty of your kiddos. Can’t wait for your update. xxoo

  4. With every end is a beginning, too. I am made up of more water (tears) than maybe anything else…unless you count chocolate.

    Beautiful photos, I like the one of Whit looking in from the outside. It has a feeling of finality to it.

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