First grade open house

Yesterday morning, I went to Grace’s class’s “open house.” This was basically 30 minutes for the parents to sit in teeny chairs or kneel on the linoleum floor (oh, 35.5 year old self – NOT nice. getting up: hard) and have the children show us their latest work. There was pride and sheer delight on Grace’s face as she showed me her journal, her drawings of the Iditarod, and other pieces of work. Totally worth the sore knees.

I have a dream that everyone recycles. Good dream, this one. She recently asked me, totally seriously, “Mummy, can we start composting?” with the same kind of enthusiasm previously reserved for questions like, “Mummy, can we go to the American Girl store?” I told her I’m thinking about it.

This is the “word of the year” that she selected for herself. Good choice, Grace. My daughter is an old soul. And wow do I adore her.

I am special because I make cupcakes. I’ll take it.

Finally had to creakily get up off the floor and go sit in the circle time area.

A valiant effort at spelling “mononucleosis.”

Oh, and this bozo? Showing off his new sneakers for our trip to Florida. He was wearing his pajamas when I asked him to try them on. Moments later he showed up, interrupting Grace and my Harry-a-thon, prancing around buck naked in his sneaks. Ah, Whitty.

3 thoughts on “First grade open house”

  1. Grace is a beautiful child. She is wise beyond her years.

    Whit is … well, Whit. I laughed at the naked with shoes photo.

    And just for Grace – and you to ponder – I compost in a black plastic garbage can so very doable in a city environment.

  2. I am laughing over here for so many reasons.

    1) That picture of Whit is AWESOME. Save it for future blackmail.

    2) Miss D. asked me a few months ago if we could start composting. Unlike you, I said, “Umm, no.”

    3) That is pretty damn good effort at spelling mononucleosis. I totally knew what it was when I saw it. She is smart like her mama.


    4) Are those Tory Burch flats you are wearing? I have a pair similar to those and I love them.

  3. Ok, dear Lindsey, our lives really do parallel. My son (3..almost 4) prances around naked so much that it surprises me when he’s dressed. But that’s good for me b/c I get to squeeze those adorable cheeks. And my daughter (6)just brought a “full” journal home from school and I loved reading it. When I did, I learned this tidbit: “…my mommy helps our faimiliy she earns munny for our family But that is mostly my Daddy.”

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