1 thought on “Experience”

  1. Lindsey,
    I have been reading your blog off and on since the summer, having found you through Aidan. How amazing that the day I choose to first comment, you quoted "Shadowlands." This is a very special movie to me, it is my all time favorite and not coincidentally, the first DVD my husband and I ever watched together. We have often reflected on the quote "Why love if losing hurts so much… the pain now is part of the happiness then, that's the deal."

    Just wanted to say that you are so obviously a person who possesses so many amazing traits. You are beautiful, intelligent, have a comfortable life, and a gorgeous family, are a wonderful writer, and a faster runner than I will ever be. There is so much about you that anyone, including myself, would envy and yet, you struggle with yourself. As an outsider, I don't get it and I do. We all have insecurities and often can't see ourselves as others do. Believe me, I am far from perfect and probably have no business commenting on your life. I am a bit older than you and in the shadow of 40, I have figured out that I have wasted too much time doubting myself. As I read your entries, I want to simultaneously reassure you that it will all be okay and tell you to snap out of it (ala "Moonstruck," another favorite movie). I post here because maybe if someone you don't know, that has no stake in your life says this stuff, maybe it will help you believe that you are everything I and others see.

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