Binary world

Christina and I decided today that one way to bifurcate the world is into people who go to water parks and people who don’t. This happened because our huge plans to spend all day tomorrow at an indoor water park in Danvers went off the rails when we realized the place was already booked solid.

But it made me think of other binary distinctions in life. Places where people fall into one camp or another, with little venn overlap. If you have other thoughts, please add in comments!

  • go to water parks or don’t
  • Chekov or Dostoyevsky
  • red wine or white wine
  • mountains or ocean
  • french fries or onion rings
  • vanilla or chocolate
  • morning or evening
  • Coke or Pepsi
  • dogs or no dogs (thanks Bouff!)

1 thought on “Binary world”

  1. A brilliant list, actually! I waivered on the Chekov or Dostoyevsky, but you’re right. That is a bifurcation. The only thing I won’t commit to is mountains or ocean (but I would if you made me!)
    How about, also:
    dogs or not

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