Read the children a book tonight that was called “Dream a Little Dream.” A conversation ensued about what Grace and Whit’s dreams were.

Grace announced that her dream was that “Everyone has food … and enough toys to play with.” I asked her how she could help make this dream come true and she said, “I want to have a lemonade stand next summer and make lots of money and give it to children who don’t have food and toys” Okay. “And I want to go back to Cradles to Crayons.” Better than okay. “And I want to sell some of my Perler bead art (these plastic things they make in kindergarten) and give that money to people without food too.” And I’m sure there is an enormous market for those so this is an excellent idea.

Whit, when asked directly what his dream was, said only, “Racing cars.”

In other news, I put him to bed just now and about 5 minutes later heard him rummaging around in his room. I went in and found that he had changed out of his pj bottoms (not, shocking enough, his exercise pants) into his favorite madras pants. Fine by me.