random quotations, November 2008

Tonight, I tucked Whit in, prying his Legos from his hands (treasured Lego creation in bed = waking up desolate, surrounded by pieces, with Lego imprint on cheek) and kissing him before shutting the door.

I hear feet running to the door.

“Mummy!! Plug in my nightlight!”

“Okay, Whit.” I plug it in. “Now get back in bed. Remember what I told you, your eyes will get used to the dark.”

“No, Mummy, my eyes will not get huge.

“Not huge. Used to the dark.”

“No. They don’t get hused to the dark.”

“Fine, so shut your eyes and see through your eyelids.”

“No, Mummy, I can’t do that.”

“Okay, so shut your eyes and see the bright colors and happy stories in your head.”

“Oh, okay, Mummy. Good idea.”

“Gracie, how is school going? Who are you playing with, who are you friends with these days?”
(making conversation, trying to follow up on areas of concern – seemed natural at the time!)

“Fine, Mummy. I have a new, bestest friend at school. The best.”

“Oh really, Grace? That’s great! Who?”

“The computer is my friend.”

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  1. I nearly choked to death on a sip of tea when I started reading the NYT’s article, ‘The Child Trap’. It was brilliant!!! I don’t have kids myself, but it drives me absolutely insane when parents are always asking for their children’s opinion on everything. They haven’t been around long enough to form an opinion. Anyway, I think I’ll stick with furkids, human ones scare the bejeezus outta me!!! (It looks as though you’re doing a fine job with yours though, I believe you have an innate talent!!!)

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