Around here lately

Update from this part of the woods.

These are long dark days, there’s no question about that. But I can see the light staying longer every afternoon and vaccines are happening and I can’t help feeling some measure of optimism mixed in with my exhaustion. Photo by Crate Escape, where Phoebe is currently enjoying her second day. She LOVES it and we are grateful to have such a wonderful place in our neighborhood.

Grace is going to class with the windows open and Whit is doing drivers Ed with the car windows down. It had been very cold the last few days. These feel like such 2021 details and I’m hugely conscious of our good fortune that she’s in class and he’s taking driving lessons at all!

I’m dealing with a creaky hip and seized-up back (middle age is so glamorous) and Matt is doing great. Time is flying even as it inches forward, groundhog-day-like. Phoebe brings us all so much joy and I can barely remember life before her.

How is your February going? #everydaylife #february

2 thoughts on “Around here lately”

  1. February and March are hard winter months regularly although I do always enjoy Valentine’s Day even though my kids are almost grown. I look forward to giving them little treats and cards. But it is usually dark and cold and that can take its toll. This year seems harder with the pandemic. But, like you, I have two dogs that keep me hopping. I am out walking them, even in snow and ice, and that lets me have fresh air and get out a bit. I used to have a Phoebe too (she passed during the pandemic) and she brought us such joy for 15 years. Your Phoebe looks like a love!

  2. oh, I love that you also had a Phoebe! I’m so sorry for her recent passing. But glad to know of a long happy life. xox

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