very lovely

Dear old world’, she murmured, ‘you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”
~ L.M. Montgomery

I loved Anne as a child, with the particular passion of a red-headed girl finding a kindred spirit, and was delighted to find this beautiful line on Tamara Willems’ lovely blog.

3 thoughts on “very lovely”

  1. Have you seen “Anne with an E” on Netflix? A friend just told me about it and I’ve watched 3 of the episodes now. It’s really great! I loved all those books as a child but this is bringing it all back.

  2. How very wonderful to come home from a long day at work, and receive my ‘A Design So Vast’ email from you. Then to find, that you have mentioned me in your post today!
    I am over the moon, to receive this blessing from you and to feel that our hearts have connected in this way. You have certainly honoured me with your kindness.

    I do so appreciate You, you have put a very big smile on my face – and in my heart ♥

    With much Gratitude,
    Tamara xx

  3. How did I know that you love Anne (with an E) of Green Gables? 🙂 As I read your posts, I sense a kindred spirit myself. I, too, struggle with change and the inevitable sadness that comes with my children growing ever closer to leaving the nest. But I try to assure myself that around each “bend in the road” will be more exciting things to come, more laughter to share, and more joy and love to experience with them. Keep the faith … your lessons will continue to guide them and your love will be their rock.

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