makes the whole planet less lonely

Christmas 2015

This is not our holiday card, but I sort of wish it was.  Totally unrelated to Mary Karr’s beautiful quote, but it’s how I feel this morning, home again after 2 weeks of travel.  Exhausted but very happy.

But I still feel awe for us – yes, for the masters who wrought lasting beauty from their hard lives, but for the rest of us, too, for the great courage all of us show in trying to wring some truth from the godawful mess of a single life.  To bring oneself to others makes the whole planet less lonely.  The nobility of everyone trying boggles the mind …. None of us can ever know the value of our lives, or how our separate and silent scribbling may add to the amenity of the world, if only by how radically it changes us, one by one.

– Mary Karr, The Art of Memoir

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