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I have long loved minutiae and believe there is tremendous meaning in the smallest things (“The more you respect and focus on the singular and the strange, the more you become aware of the universal and infinite.” – Gail Godwin)  I was happy when Casey Carey-Brown and Samantha McGarry tagged me to share five random things about me.

One: I really only listen to music in the car.  At home I prefer that it be quiet.  Right now I’m alternating between a favorite Christmas carol playlist and a new one of songs I love these days, which includes:

Orange Sky – Alexi Murdoch
Let’s Be Still – The Head and the Heart
Peace – O.A.R.
A Life That’s Good – Lennon and Maisy
Let Her Go – Passenger
Compass – Lady Antebellum
The Boxer – Mumford and Sons
Lost In My Mind – The Head and the Heart
Just Breathe – Pearl Jam

Two: I was a very small child.  I grew eventually – I’m not a small person now – but it was late.  When I moved back from Paris I started taking gymnastics lessons and the gym put me on their elite team until they realized I was 7 and not 5.

Three: I have broken nine bones (two bones in my arm, my ankle, three ribs, two toes, and one finger).  I asked Whit to come up with something random about me and this was his contribution.  I suspect anyone who knows me or has read this blog a bit know this fact.

Four: We had a guinea pig for a month when I was in grade school. The guinea pig was named Caliban (thanks, Dad).  This was Grace’s addition to the litany of randomness about me.

Five: When I was four or five years old I almost lost an eye to a wine press in France.  The handle of the wine press hit me right next to my eye, and I still have a scar.  My salient memory of the experience is of the winery’s dog licking the blood from my face. (this was Matt’s offering).

It gives me agita to think about tagging others, of course, so if anyone wants to share five things, please do, and come back and let me know!

20 thoughts on “Five random things”

  1. I love this – the small, random quirks are by far the most interesting to me. I also only listen to music in the car! When I am in the car, it feels like my life set to a soundtrack, but at home, it just feels like…noise? Weird.

  2. Nine bones?! Impressive. As for your memory of almost losing an eye, it reminds me of when I was five or six when I almost choked to death, and it’s a story my kids know and talk about over and over. Maybe I should write a random five things post – I loved reading yours!

  3. Compass is one of my most favorite new songs this year. My love of country music is one of the only remnants of my 4 years of high school spent in the south after my family moved to northern Florida when I was 14. I have a playlist filled with songs just like this one, if you are ever looking for suggestions.

  4. I love these little details! You are a boss with the broken bones. (I have 5 and that was plenty).

    And I love your music:) Have you discovered Ben Howard? You may like …

    I am curious … what happened to the guinea pig???

  5. I am looking forward to listening to your playlist–thanks for including it. Wow, you have some interesting “random things” here. I’m sorry, but some of them are quite amusing. I’m childish that way. Or maybe it’s the way your wrote them.

    “Caliban”? Eew.

    I feel the same about tagging people for blog hops and whatnot. Perhaps I’ll post five things–I’ll let you know if I do.

  6. Ah, this post brought on such nostalgia for me. Remember when we all used to do this kind of tagged list all the time, and it would draw the little blogging community together, and someone would create a badge or award for it all? How did we seemingly have so much more time to play like that?

    Anyway, I love your list, and the family contributions! And it’s nice to see you’re a fan of Alexi Murdoch – he’s addictive. xo

  7. Thanks for sharing this fun list! I love finding out little things like these about people. Now I also have some new music to add to my own playlists. And no music at home?! I guess I can understand the need for quiet but music is such a mood changer for me that I need it like I need food. Cool interesting stuff, Linds!

  8. I love learning about the smaller, often overlooked parts of a person. My younger daughter is a wee one, and though almost 4, is still trying to fit into her 2T clothing. I am currently in a discussion with the pediatrician about the appropriateness of growth hormone, and you give me hope that she may one day be a ‘normal’ size without such intervention!! Also, I am totally obsessed with Lady Antebellum’s Compass and its in regular rotation around here. My 6 year old sings along to it and it makes me smile 🙂

  9. Whit (almost 10) wears size 6 or 7 pants (depending on brand) and just broke 50 lbs so I hear you. I tell myself that he will catch up, and I hope the same is true for you guys!!

  10. Thankful for the new music! I have some crossover but found some new ones here.

    Music for me is my everything. It plays all day in my house, but when the kids get home, it has to be turned off — it doesn’t mix well with the soundtrack of our noisy home.

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