Things I love lately

Melting Icicles – I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who as beautifully captures the particular bittersweet magic of parenting as Amanda Magee.  More often than not, her posts make me weep.  This one sure did, with its hitting of a note I’ve often sung, that our children do not belong to us but are just passing through, and with this line: How can I hold water? How can I possibly be present when all I can see is the immutable truth that they will rush away in coursing waves?

The Sun and the See (Say Yes) – This post by Rebecca Woolf made me gasp out loud.  Her story of how her two year old daughter, Bo, noticed the beach out of the car window and insisted that they stop, accompanied by the gorgeous photographs of a wonderstruck little girl, reminded me of all the dazzling ways that children shift our view of the world.

Learning to Exist at the Edge of the Unknown – In gorgeous photographs and words, Christina Rosalie evokes a fear I know in my bones: of the edge, of the uncertain, of outcomes I can’t predict, of things I can’t control.  Christina knows, and describes, how important it is to learn to tolerate these things even as we fear them.  Lovely.

This snow day calculator made me laugh out loud.  How perfect for this season in this region (the northeast).  Hat tip to Karen for pointing me to it.

I just finished Kelly Corrigan’s Glitter and Glue: A Memoir.  So, so marvelous; My review will be up in early February.

I write these Things I Love posts approximately monthly.  The past ones are here.

8 thoughts on “Things I love lately”

  1. Oh, Lindsey, like the tears that come so easily, our loves seem to run parallel in many ways. I love Rebecca’s beach post. It spoke to me in so very many ways. I’m off to explore the third and to savor the sensation of being something that you love lately.


  2. I love these posts! Today I have the mixed blessing of a snow day and a sick child and husband so I have lots of time to read. Off to check out these posts. And I can’t wait to read Glitter and Glue. Kelly Corrigan is one of my favorites.

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