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Thanksgiving in Mongolia – When I finished this essay by Ariel Levy for the first time I couldn’t breathe.  It is singularly one of the most powerful pieces of writing I have ever read.  Go.  Read.  Now.

Feelin’ Alive – I love this post, from a new-to-me blog, No Cigarettes, no Bologna.  I laughed out loud when she described her 24 year old outlook on life as “I am going to control all the changes in my life by running 40 miles a week and eating only melon.”  Um, yes.  And then my eyes filled with tears when she wrote “It’s about holding space for both the disappointment and the gratitude.”  Because, also, yes.  Funny and wise.  My very favorite combination.

Good! Busy! Good Busy! – Aidan is an old and dear friend of mine, and I absolutely adored this post.  “It is up to us to live each day fully because we cannot go back. We must open our eyes and notice things.”  Aidan is committed to noticing the gems buried in the grit of her everyday life, and I both admire and relate to this.

Indiana Jones – Whit was Indiana Jones for Halloween, a selection based on nothing other than “that looks cool” (as far as I can tell).  We’ve been watching the movies in the last few weeks (he chose his costume in early October, which triggered the viewing-a-thon).  And I have to say I love Indiana as a role model: an academic who goes on wild adventures, usually wearing a suit and tie.  Whit told me that someone at school, upon hearing his costume, asked who Indiana Jones was.  “An archaeologist,” he responded, and when he told me the story it was clear that what he implied was: an archaeologist is cool.  I think so.

On repeat in my car (the only place I listen to music): Let Her Go by Passenger, Lost In My Mind by The Head and the Heart, and Christmas carols.  Yes.  They have started in full force.

I share these posts about what I’m reading and thinking about approximately monthly.  They are all gathered here.

What are you reading, listening to, thinking about, and loving these days?

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  1. The dog woke me up crazy early this morning and I was feeling grumpy. I am now so glad I was up so that I had time to the Ariel Levy piece and to discover ‘No Cigarettes, No Bologna.’ Wow. To both in completely different ways. I want to read everything they have both written.

  2. That Ariel Levy piece…I read it a day or so ago, and I’m still processing it. I feel like I will be for a long time. It’s almost too much to bear yet I am completely drawn in by her story. I’m reading Brene Brown, Dani Shapiro, Nicole Krauss and some poetry, seemingly all it once. Loving my camera these days too–this time of year seems to lend itself to that. In my ears it’s been The xx, One Republic and Bombay Bicycle Club of late, with a good dose of my 6 year old learning the Star Spangled Banner (she always sounds like a happy drunk when she sings, making it even more charming). I’ll have to check out Passenger–never heard of them!

  3. As you know, that Ariel Levy piece devastated me on several levels. I’ve not recovered.

    I’m listening to a lot of Pandora on my laptop while I work — a lot of Maroon 5, Les Mis (cue lots of crying), and P!nk. LOL. I also really like the song “Wrecking Ball,” which makes me doubt myself completely.

  4. I love your things I love. 🙂 When I first hear the Passenger song, I totally thought you’d like it. Have you listened to Wake Me Up by Avicii? Love that one too and it feels similar, for some reason.

    Like Allison I am secretly loving Wrecking Ball but I was not brave enough to admit it until she did. Great song.

    Also listening to Pink Rabbits by The National on repeat. Great song- some great writing in there.

    I saw About Time last night and can’t stop thinking about it. You must go see it.

    Looking forward to reading the other pieces you mentioned above. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  5. Early in the Levi piece, I felt the kind of envy that makes me feel mean and small. When her 38 year-old self got pregnant without half trying, and then got on a plane to Mongolia, I wanted to reach through the words and shake her, even as I knew the way the line of them lay that there could only be devastation at their ending point.

    We all get the whole pie, don’t we–no matter how good, bad, careful, careless we might be? Some good fortune, some disaster, some pain that we only wish truly were unbearable, so that it would not have to be borne. No envy here, or judgment, either. Just communion.

  6. Love that Passenger song…check out the cover of it done by Jasmine Thompson…A-MAZ-ING…..Love reading your blog…keep it up! 🙂

  7. Lol…my oldest is obsessed with Indy. He has the costume and has worn it repeatedly. (Tip: if you go to Disney, at the Studios, they have the Indiana Jones show, and if your son wears it, they will usually make a fuss and make him VIP and give him front row. Ben LOVED that.)
    I’m reading (still) Still Writing (no time..ever!).
    Listening to Dave Matthews Band in prep for my New Orleans trip to see acoustic performance.
    Thinking about: writing, blogging, sleeping, and not having enough time to do any of them.
    Loving that Passenger song too, big time!

  8. Thanks for sharing Ariel Levy’s article. I liked her book “Female Chauvinistic Pigs” so I’m looking forward to reading this piece. Bookmarked!

    The last great book I read was “The Golem and the Jinni.” So good that I had a book hangover; I couldn’t enjoy the next few books for a while and had to take a break haha. I really recommend it.

  9. Oh my. That New Yorker piece completely got me. Lots of tears in my coffee yesterday morning, and again this morning when I read it again. Have a good weekend! I’m reading Dani Shapiro’s Devotion and Anne Lamott’s Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith.

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