More things I love lately

The Merry Recluse by Caroline Knapp.  This book!  This woman’s voice!  Caroline and I share the experience of growing up in the same town, and I love the ways in which this particular place is threaded through her work.  But beyond that, I just love her voice.  I read Drinking, which I really liked, but the Merry Recluse I loved even more (not just because of the fabulous title).  A collection of her previously-published essays, the book touches on topics large and small and is, ultimately, a reflection on living in this world.

September afternoon, by Katrina Kenison. “The quieter I am, the more I hear.  The longer I am still, the more I see.  The more my heart opens, the more it fills.”  Yes.  YES.

Aidan’s letter to her 35 year old self triggered my powerful I-love-this reaction: a simultaneous smile and tears.  She writes of the swell of exasperation and deep, abiding love that so animates her life right now, and I know just what she’s talking about.  I also remembered the letter Aidan wrote to me on 35, four years ago, and marveled at how much changes and how much is the same.

 The Signature of All Things.  I am an unabashed, full-blown Eat, Pray, Love fan and I couldn’t wait for Elizabeth Gilbert’s new novel.  It took me a bit to get into it, but after about 60 pages I was entranced.  Most of all I adore the way the book meditates on the tension and interplay between the logical and the ineffable.

Current songs I’m loving: Bruises by Train, Here With Me by the Killers, Half Moon by Blind Pilot and, of course, Katy Perry’s Roar.

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17 thoughts on “More things I love lately”

  1. I was an Eat, Pray, Love fan. I’ve had an intense desire to go to Italy for the sole purpose of eating ever since reading it. So, I am happy to hear that her new book gets a thumbs up from you.

  2. Didn’t know that Gilbert has a new book. Can’t wait to read it. I loved Committed too. And her TedTalk … one of my most favourites!

  3. Dying to read Gilbert’s new book. Did you read the piece Steve Almond wrote about her in the NYT a few weeks back? SO good. If not, look it up. Did you read Marisha Pessl’s “Special Topics in Calamity Physics” a few years back? If you loved it as much as I did, you will adore her new book, “Night Film.”

  4. Kathryn Kenison has the knack for saying exactly what I’m feeling but with much better words and what you shared above is no different.

    And Katy Perry’s Roar? I play it on a loop while I’m working out/running. Love it!

    Have a great day! xo

  5. Katrina is one of my absolute favorite writers, and I’m privileged to have met her in person, too. She’s extraordinary. xox

  6. I loved your mention of Caroline Knapp. I learned of Caroline in the beautiful eulogy, penned in Gail Caldwell’s touching 2010 memoir, ‘Let’s Take The Long Way Home.’ The tiny book was a sort of watershed moment for me. I also went on to read ‘Drinking,’ wondering how these women were able to find such extraordinary inner strength. Thank you for reminding me of all that has changed. Your writing, always beautiful and engaging, seems to be soaring as of late.

  7. I loved Aidan’s letter, too. Must (try to) write my own when my 35th bday comes up. That will be a challenge – so much to say, not sure how I feel about any of it. 🙂

  8. I so LOVE Caroline Knapp and got this book straightaway as I thought I read everything by her. I adored Pack of Two and have read it many times. And Appetites as well. They are both in my kitchen book shelf.

    AND I love Half Moon. I play it in yoga class when we do Ardha Chandrasana:)

    Thanks so much for doing these lists. So fun!!

  9. You know, one of those telling details about people (I think) is what their favorite yoga pose is. Mine is half moon! xox

  10. So glad to hear I’m not the only person who loved Eat, Pray, Love. It sold a zillion copies, then everyone sort of denied liking it. What gives??? Can’t wait to read the novel.

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