Photo Wednesday 45


Last weekend, Grace’s best friend from camp came to visit.  This friend is the daughter of my best friend from camp.  The sheer fact of this, and the way I kept seeing my friend’s face in her daughter’s, made me dizzy several times this weekend.  Talk about vertigo: then, now, us, them, summer, the ocean, winter, tears, girls, women … it all blended together in a meteor shower of memory.  Grace is still crying about her friend having left.  Only two months until camp, I keep telling her.

11 thoughts on “Photo Wednesday 45”

  1. Oh, oh, oh! Especially poignant for me, since I see that they’re walking through my hallowed back yard. It’s such a gift, when your children become friends with your friends’ children, isn’t it?

    Do you know E.B. White’s essay, “Once More to the Lake”? There’s a lovely line in that piece, where White is walking with his son along a path that he walked when he was young. “Everywhere we went I had trouble making out which was I, the one walking at my side, the one walking in my pants.”

    I feel that line often, walking beside or behind my no longer kids, now young men.

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