4 thoughts on “Photo Wednesday 41”

  1. Lindsey, I love that you love your city and that your roots go deep, even though you have traveled the world. I have moved many times in my lifetime and like everywhere we lived, but have not the deep roots. What a gift you have! I am feeling so much pain around the tragedy that occured in your city and prayers for all the lives touched by this devastation. I can only imagine that this is breaking your heart open.
    Hope and love to you as your heart heals. My hope is that we can move forward toward the peace that sometimes seems impossible.

  2. Thanks so much for saying this, Jackie. I’m absolutely certain that that desire for roots despite a peripatetic childhood is what drove me to come back to this city after college and to stay. For some reason I can’t explain I’ve always wanted desperately to feel rooted, and I know that’s underneath a lot of the staying-put decisions I’ve made over the last several years. xox

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